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New Kia in the ditch. The driver escaped, left his cars and truck and ran! The cops are trying to find him (pictures, updates)– Moja Ostro ³ êka

The driver of the automobile left the roadway and headed towards the Struniawy tunnel in Goworowo district. From witness accounts it appears that the driver got away. An ambulance, the fire brigade and the authorities showed up to discover the scenarios of the event.

The event occurred on Sunday afternoon, August 7. The roadway is currently satisfactory at this time.

The driver drove into the ditch, ran away with the witnesses and escaped!

We asked Commander Tomasz ¯ erañski, details officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Ostro ³ ęka about the information of the event.


— After getting to the scene, the cops discovered a Kia cars and truck in the ditch. From the witnesses’ declarations, it appears that the driver left the vehicle, kept up the witnesses, and after that got away the scene. At the minute, the cops are trying to find him– states Commander Tomasz ¯ erañski, info officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Ostro ³ êka.

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The authorities are searching for the driver

— Police from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Ostro ³ ęka are trying to find the driver of a Kia vehicle, which today around 13.30 on the border of Struniawa and Pokrzywnica, Goworowo district lost control of the vehicle, got in a ditch and struck a water ditch. After the occurrence, the Kia driver handled to leave from individuals around him who attempted to capture him and escaped. Individuals who understand where the individual associated with this event might be are asked to call the cops on responsibility at ext 47704 14 24— advises the authorities.


A male believed of driving a Kia cars and truck, going into the tunnel and getting away, was visited the cops.

— He ended up being a 20- year-old local of Ostrołęka poviat. At the time of arrest, the guy had 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his breath. He was taken into authorities custody, notifies the news officer about the uniformed Ostroots.

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Accident in Struniawy

More images: Accident in Struniawy

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