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New KIM: 26% of the senior usage wise television, 4.8%– VOD

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In the 30 days prior to the study, just 4.8% of Poles aged 65+ were active. VOD and 13.7% and YouTube(amongst all Poles 4+, these portions were respectively: 32.1% and 52.5%).

782% of Poles aged 65+ utilize it Mobile phone454% of which still have a basic telephone set of buttons, and just 33.4% usage it. mobile phone(752% of all Poles 4+ utilize a mobile phone). The cellphone is the only extensively utilized gadget and understood brand-new media in this age. Just 18.7% of the senior usage it landline phone(versus 11.5% in the 4+ group).

Internet radio75.6% of the senior (803% of Poles in the 4+ group) utilize a cars and truck radio 40.4%, a boom box 53.5%, a hi-fi system and a radio 7.8%, an alarm clock 5.6%, other repaired or integrated radio 6%, MP3 MP4 gamer with integrated radio 0.3%, and earphones with integrated radio (wired or cordless) 0.4%.

FROM cable set-top box26.6% of the senior (283% of the 4+ group), z dish antenna 235% (vs 33.3%), satellite television decoder 205% (vs. 30.6%), z television box 0.5% (vs 1.7%).

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In the 30 days preceding the study, 95.3% of senior citizens viewed standard tv(compared to 90.2% of Poles in the 4+ group), 73.7% were listening radio(vs 75.2%), 27.8% utilized Globalization(768%), 71.2% were studying paper media(papers or publications) (vs. 64.2%), 10.2% online media(294%).

In the 12 months prior to the examination 643% of the senior have not check out any book, compared to 56.1% in the 16+ group. This consists of printed books and e-books.

— Data on making use of media reception gadgets by the senior verify that the level of usage of modern-day gadgets is low. This can result in a decrease in the requirement of living associated to limiting access to culture, services, and so on. The capability to utilize brand-new media progressively figures out operating in a digitally linked society. Elders typically stop working to adjust when confronted with digital seclusion. The factor might be that it is challenging to get the most modern-day devices and innovation due to financial factors– he states Maja Kurzelewska, director of the Research and Analysis Department at KIM

National Media Institute was developed in December 2020 by the National Broadcasting Council. The lesson Startup Research it is the habits of customers concerning using, to name a few from radio, tv and the Internet, and the gadgets utilized to get these media. The research study has to do with making use of mass media by families and private usage. It is constant, which permits you to track modifications gradually and analyze patterns. The Institute steps and examines customer habits in relation to different media (radio, tv, Internet) at the exact same time and on the biggest scale up until now in Poland.

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