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New Lada 2107 from the Panek edition was broken right away after the launch of the deal! Can’t you conserve him any longer?

Another fascinating cars and truck that wound up in vehicle sharing ended its life too rapidly. This time it was not any of the most effective designs, however a fine example of Soviet technical idea.

Lada 2107 made its launching in Panka service on February11 The angular, horn-colored Soviet “limo” is a 1991 design. The cars and truck has actually signed up with the Retro variation, that includes, to name a few, the Trabant, Golf II, Polonez Caro, in addition to the 126 p and 125 p Fiats.

Panek’s Audi TT Roadster is on fire! Can’t stand the customer care?

Panek had intriguing strategies about the last automobile and Lada. He revealed that both cars would be sent out to the Modlin track, where a variety of competitors would happen, which would likewise be developed by members of the Panek neighborhood on Facebook. The epicness of the defend the building title, which effectively established the innovation purchased years earlier from the Italians, was stressed by images revealing both lorries on the field from Mortal Kombat.

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Unfortunately, an unforgettable accident will not take place, since Just after 10 days in service, Lada was severely harmed. This time it is not the fault of the reckless user. The driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser struck the side of the Soviet sedan. The automobile was not severely harmed, however due to the age of the structure, it will most likely not appropriate for repair work.


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