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New Lada Niva and Grand Niva. Dacia Duster is their relative. Best 2024

  • Lada is preparing 2 variations of the brand-new Niva. In 2024, the five-door Niva will be introduced. 2 years later on, a long design with the working name Grand Niva will make its launching. Both will go on sale in the EU

  • All brand-new Ladas will be developed on the Renault CMF-B platform, which is utilized, to name a few, by Dacia.

  • The brand-new Lada Niva will be connected to the next generation Dacia Duster. The future of four-wheel drive variations remains in doubt

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Łada and Dacia as part of a single company system in the Renault Group. Bringing both business together must come as not a surprise. They both belong to the Renault Group, which continues to carry out a brand-new technique called Renaulation. And this does not imply just technical socializing (one CMF-B platform), however likewise cutting the whole design variety (from 18 to 11). There will likewise be the launching of brand name brand-new designs. By 2025, Dacia will see 3 brand-new cars. Lada will reveal as the very first 4 cars.

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Lada Vision 4 × 4

Lada Niva– the brand-new Russian transformation

It is a genuine transformation for the Russians. The French are revealing, to name a few, to minimize the variety of platforms to simply one. All brand-new Mother will be developed on the CMF-B plate, which was utilized to construct Dacia cars such as Logan, Jogger and Sandero and the Turkish version of Logan, i.e. Renault Taliant. The brand-new Niva will likewise be constructed on the CMF-B (like the remainder of the Duster). This implies issues about the schedule of a four-wheel drive variation. Far, there is absolutely nothing like it on the inexpensive CMF-B platform. One choice stays a hybrid vehicle with an electrical motor.

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Nicolaus Maure, who has actually been driving a Lada vehicle for numerous years, just uses the off-road abilities of the Land Rover Defender. In among the interviews with the French media, he likewise confessed that the Russian business is dealing with 2 variations of the automobile: Niva and a long-lasting version with the working name Grand Niva (a family member of the prepared Dacia Bigster). Both ought to be offered in the EU. Approximated rates are likewise understood. For the little Niva, which will appear on the marketplace at the end of 2024, you will need to pay about 12 thousand. euros, or about 55 thousand. zlotys. For the huge Grand Niva, the best of which is set up for 2026, about 20 thousand. euros, or more than 90 thousand. zlotys.

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Lada Vision 4x4

Lada Vision 4 × 4

Lada Granta and Niva Travel– live permanently

It is possible that the Russians will put a number of generations of cars into production as they have actually done so far. In regards to the popular SUV, this indicates the Niva Travel variation, which for several years in Russia was produced as the Chevrolet Niva in partnership with the GM issue. Lada Granta, among the most bought brand-new designs in Russia, likewise has an opportunity to be taken into production. Its production might occur in parallel with the follower prepared for2023 Among the long-awaited brand-new things will be connected to the preferred Dacia Logan.


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