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New Lamborghini Countach as a subseries: Better than the initial?

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The Lamborghini Countach commemorated its launching 50 years back. As a brand-new design, an extremely cars can draw in simply as much attention. © Automobili Lamborghini SpA/dpa-mag

It was thought about the very first contemporary cars– with its severe style and exceptional driving efficiency, the Lamborghini Countach rapidly made its method into the hearts of motorists. 50 years after its best, it commemorates its resurgence as a mini-series.

Berlin– In the 1970 s, there was most likely no other cars that held on the walls of kids’s spaces regularly than the Lamborghini Countach: With its appealing style and effective V12 engine, it produced an entire generation of exceptional cars.

Anyone who might not get the cult go to pieces from Sant’ Agatha at that time can now meet his dream if he gets 2.4 million euros. Due to the fact that at this rate, Lamborghini is re-issuing it as the Countach LPI 800 -4 for its 50 th birthday in a restricted run of 112 systems.

Innovation like never ever prior to

The Italians have actually stayed with nature and as soon as again put a sharp wedge on the roadway: the Countach is 2.10 meters large, however just 1.14 meters long and is drawn with really couple of lines. In addition to the frame, it likewise takes bat ears, through which air streams to the rear engine. The truth that the brand-new variation still does not look retro and fits completely into the existing scheme is not just due to the workmanship of the head of style, Mitja Borkert. It is likewise due to the reality that to this day every brand-new Lamborghini is based upon the Countach.

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Lamborghini number
The Lamborghini Countach is 2.10 meters broad however just 1.14 meters long and embraces bat ears from the initial, through which air streams to the engine at the back. © Automobili Lamborghini SpA/dpa-mag

Internally, nevertheless, the resemblances in between the periods are not so fantastic. Borkert has actually reinterpreted the periscope, which early Countach motorists might examine the huge engine in the rearview mirror, with a little skylight. Much more goes unacknowledged. While the previous space left little space for consumers to get in between the leading edge and the lower swing door, the driver now sits easily behind the wheel. There’s likewise a lot of head-to-ceiling clearance for many people in the brand-new Countach. There are likewise more sophisticated fittings and switches.

Small electrical shock for V12

When it pertains to innovation, the Countach likewise makes a leap. Even if it’s insufficient for an electrical Lamborghini, the Countach a minimum of work on a little electrical shock. The Italians have actually utilized Sian for this and concealed the V12 engine under the rear glass panels, which is helped by an electrical motor powered by supercapacitors. In addition to the 574 KW/780 hp of the 6.5-liter combustion engine, there is another 25 kW/34 hp, which you can feel specifically in little breaks when the gasoline engine needs to capture its breath when altering equipments.

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Lamborghini number
The wedge shape of the Lamborghini Countach leaves space behind for a 6.5 liter V12 gas engine with 574 kW/780 hp. © Automobili Lamborghini SpA/dpa-mag

But what stays is the driving experience. Rather of 361 Nm at the rear wheels, 720 Nm is now plucking all 4. For the sprint from 0 to 100 it no longer requires 5.9, however just 2.8 seconds. And the speedometer programs 355 rather of 292 km/h. The brand-new Countach constantly carries out much better than the initial variation. Lots of patterns are about to lure the citizens. Specifically when the twelve cylinder engine strikes over 8000 revs and warms you up, figuratively and actually.

While it utilized to take a strong grip, a heavy foot and, above all, a great deal of guts to get a cars up to speed, the electrical now has whatever under control. A minimum of as long as you do not change to Corsa mode and the automobile, which weighs around 1600 kg, ends up being a combating bull emblazoned on the front of the hood. Unlike other Lamborghinis, the name has absolutely nothing to do with bullfighting. Rather, “Countach” is the surprise that leaves those in Piedmont when they see something odd. The name might not have actually been more properly selected at the time.

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Conclusion: Revolution does not exist, interest stays

The greatest wow result is not likely to take place today. Obviously, the brand-new Countach likewise looks enjoyable. In spite of the effective reinterpretation, the Italians have actually not altered the leading sports automobile. Rather, it was merely upgraded. Their success shows them right: even prior to the very first Countach was launched, the sub-series had actually long been offered out.

Data sheet: Lamborghini Countach LPI 800 -4

Engine and drive: V12 fuel with micro supercapacitor hybrid
Transfer: 6498 cc
Maximum power: 574 kW/780 hp at 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 720 Nm at 6750 rpm
electrical motor: 34 kW/46 hp
Run: all wheels
Transmission: seven-speed automated
mass and weight
Height: 4870 mm
Wide: 2099 mm
Height: 1139 mm
Wheel base: 2700 mm
reduce weight: 1595 kg
payload: 505 kg
stem volume: 63 liters
Driving information:
Top speed: 355 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 2.8 s
Average use: Nope
Frequency: Nope
CO2 Emissions: Nope
Fuel: huge
production class: 6 euros
Energy effectiveness class: Nope
Lamborghini Countach LPI 800 -4 base cost: 2.4 million euros
kinds of classes: Nope
Car tax: Nope
Commonly required devices:
Security: Six air bags, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control
Comfort: Automatic environment control, infotainment system, navigation
Eco Technology: 48 volt mini hybrid

All information according to maker dpa


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