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New Lamborghini Urus Performante. The bull is lean and prepared

Considering the variety of customized Urus cars on Polish streets, it is unexpected that the producer satisfied the requirements of owners so late. The Urus Performante is more effective, lighter and more strongly constructed. It has whatever you require to get more consumers.

The Lamborghini Urus Perfrormante needs to safeguard itself

The truth that the Urus is a success is beyond doubt. The Aston Martin DBX (likewise in the 707 variation) is on the market and the Ferrari Purosangue is about to get here. That’s why you needed to do something “spicy”. The four-liter V8 has a lot of power. Here, nevertheless, a mental impact was most likely enforced. Rather of superpowers– hellish forces, in the kind of 666 KM Torque stayed the same– 850 Nm.

By the method, we handled to conserve a couple of kilos. Exactly– half of the typical driver, or 47 kg As an outcome, efficiency is a little enhanced. It holds true that the optimum speed is still 306 km/ h, however we handled to prevent high speeds. 0.3 seconds is a big benefit. As an outcome, Urus Performante requires just 3.3 seconds to add to 100 km/h.

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The suspension has actually reduced by 20 mm, the track has actually increased by 16 mm. Here there’s a lot more to the modifications than the addition of carbon and brand-new maps The created rims have titanium bolts, 22 or 23 inches in size, and function Pirelli Trofeo R tires.

This little spoiler above the tailgate takes components from that of the Aventador SVJ and enhances downforce at the back by 38%. Overall, the forces pressing the Urus down increased by 8% compared to the basic design Little modification? There is likewise a brand-new differential, the rear axle and the guiding wheel have actually been reconfigured. The Urus Performante is likewise louder– it has the old Akrapović exhaust works.

In turn, an extra one appeared in between the tracks: Rally created to enhance traction when driving on competitive unpaved roadways. The customized settings of shock absorbers and stabilizers will likewise assist in this.

Interior? A couple of modifications here, apart from brand-new stitching and graphics on the screens of the multimedia systems. And obviously Advertisement Personam’s variety of products– great deals of Alcantara and carbon fiber.

There is likewise an American catalog– the minimum Urus Performante is USD 260 676.


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