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in the everyday paper of Ford cars likewise had another program that had the ability to acknowledge that the cars and truck was on rollers, i.e. it was

determined when it concerns emissions then this objective was a little group without a doubt it was larger if the case ended we have actually not forgotten as an outcome of this scandal how it spread out till the bones spread and we were all struck by the swelling they spread out. volkswagen and for audi however all of us discovered a method, due to the fact that of course it sped up the required electrification and the required mass senseless and Volkswagen extremely skillfully covered with the electrification of their ice galas, however there is any goat who will respond to for all this CEO previous Audi Rupert Stadler, which wishes to make a contract with the district attorney’s workplace and he made an arrangement and next week he will most likely make a main confession in return for which he does not need to go to jail, the district attorney’s workplace desires him. serve 1.5 to 2 years and pay the charge they desired EUR 2,000,000, nevertheless, if he concurs, he will pay EUR 1,100,000 and get a suspended sentence, which implies that he will not address in any other method other than economically. as long as it drags, listen then, due to the fact that here we have a circumstance like this in current days, it is challenging to be amazed about the restriction on the sale of automobile, let me advise you of internal combustion engines in the European Union, not Europe. in the euro union in the nations of the European Union from 2035 a little bone states or we do not have at all we discussed that, yes, there might be no nation, however the states of the United States, specifically 1, which is according to the financial power, can be compared to numerous nations with the biggest economy worldwide and the state of California will enter force there from 2035, the restriction on the sale of brand-new automobile that burn in the interior, I wish to advise you that the sales restriction is not a restriction. about driving, since here often there is hysteria that if I purchase a cars and truck I will not have the ability to drive somebody who purchased a 2300 and the 4th one will most likely have the ability to drive in compliance with these guidelines for 10 years if they enter force in California, since there are likewise demonstrations there, and not everybody likes something that this statement is excellent, however likewise individual, this is something we are utilized to speaking about, since in the European Community it has actually currently been tricked for a minimum of a year. Yes, we are discussing these strategies, however the essential thing is that the registration of brand-new diesel trucks need to be prohibited for one year, something that has actually not been pointed out in Europe, that is, it is stated that the legal guideline. prepared for 2040, however the brand-new EU trucks in the European Union would have no emissions just 90% less and 5 years later on, potentially even earlier than2300 In the 5th year in the European Union, city buses must be absolutely no.– production about that I question the number of nations we do not understand yet where on the planet I believe it is proper when I will handle these advertisements, when I will have the ability to purchase a brand-new electrical cars and truck just, due to the fact that it is tough to question that we are thinking about the European Union, however if you can see, for instance in California, it will go quicker, obviously, according to the statement, as it will occur in 1213 I will advise you 2036 the restriction on the sale of diesel trucks in California 2035 the restriction on the sale of cars in the exact same method as in the European Union big manufacturers, since there is info like that looks excellent in the headings that Ford loses cash on every electrical automobile offered. just how much is right 60,000 USD 60,000 on every electrical cars and truck that is offered is really bad, rid the country of these problems, do not buy these electrical Mustangs, due to the fact that the bad will bleed, they all look great much like us. take a look at those numbers, that is, just how much was the earnings, the number of cars were offered and just how much, and so on, however if we go deeper, Ford is divided into 3 departments of Ford Motor, these are Ford Blue electrical cars. cars that burn in Ford electrical energy these are industrial automobiles and Ford Blue and Ford pro are generating income Ford EU design appears to be burning in the oven with this cash, however it is this EU system that minimized the financial investment problem of huge business eg battery factory with strength. there is likewise a mistake in the factory where macha is produced, it is a Mexican factory once again, sorry, these batteries will be marshal in the state of michigan and blue white city in essential produced so if that sounds so cool 60 000 USD every automobile, however it is not real, even if since they are investing quite and as if here it is not unexpected that this organization of hot cars brings cash, due to the fact that they do not need to develop a factory, they need to construct a battery factory, they have whatever like that, possibly. even for sure brand-new engines have actually not been made with such a frequency 101520 years ago I believe all the engines that Ford has in the states now there are more than 6 or 8, and when it was a lots or so it resembles now, although after a facelift they will work out, due to the fact that here en route I discovered news about a vehicle of the very same size just that the 3rd generation Dacia Duster is really inexpensive, we stated that it will be produced in Romania next. the year is not a huge cars and truck, however there will likewise be a c-segment in 2025 there will be a brand-new design will begin the c sector, which will resemble the portal auto Express vehicle appearance and the Pixel design. design, which was revealed 23 years earlier, so it will be a larger vehicle than 4.5 m more than 4.5 m long, and excellent years, although frequently this date, so I unintentionally stuck on it, however Honda Jazz Honda when we currently understand quickly. the generation of Honda was typically like this for the last cars you keep in mind every 5th generation the most recent is 3 years I believe it was the very first discussion like this in the spring after the very first wave of this epidemic all of us keep in mind with scary, something that took place corresponds. you can satisfy or not simply the lot that attempted to reveal and get to present 1 piece every driver in the Honda Jazz is the twentieth year so I keep in mind keep in mind the previous generation prior to this 5th generation was likewise a city vehicle, however greater holds true times. they were taller, see the number of meters it was, it was 50, a couple of notes for a city automobile, it is at the top, the 5th generation of Honda Jazz, which we have actually understood for 3 years, is a vehicle that is readily available in Europe just in Poland and hybrid. horse engine 15109 do you keep in mind if you drove the Star variation of the cross so conventional and the shape was not so conventional it was much better than the straight one it holds true that it was burning less and it was less expensive, however I saw that just now the basic one was left on press park is more pricey, I believe the point is to offer it to cars of the very same structures under the hood, the only thing that has actually altered to raise it is if this grill was simple and ineffective to alter, I do not understand, however this grill was altered and if you see the photo, you will discover the distinction is a little like a honeycomb, I do not like it more, to be sincere, I do not believe it appropriates for the Honda Jazz 3 years earlier, which can be found in it was simply a bad vehicle with the attention of the very first Honda for several years, where the handling was excellent, since for a couple of years there was likewise a fall in, you keep in mind Week how the CR-V was driven. what will alter under the hood under the hood more power there will be no 109 horses 122 horses still hybrid still hybrid still appears like it will be less however fuel intake regardless of more power I take a look at the images of the interior well then precisely. here I do not see the distinction in the beginning glimpse, besides, they just compose brand-new upholstery, a various style of the control panel, however these are little things, allegedly the automated transmission works well here, it was not an issue, however I saw. that the hybrid Honda Jazz is still not there any longer I pulled a little Toyota liter or half a liter lower, for instance, Yaris hybrid, nevertheless, when it concerns traditional hybrid systems, I do not believe anybody can compare. for Toyota here it appears that they are more affordable a minimum of if I would state so hybrid systems offered in Poland at the end, interest from Sweden, and in 2025 the very first part of the roadway will appear, which will be a roadway. which will allow you to charge an electrical cars and truck, i.e. you drive it while charging it lastly has 3000 km of worldly roadways in between the greatest cities, there need to be roadways where the cars we drive will drive, and they will disperse electrical energy to these cars, then hell understands how they will still charge, they will just have this electrical power simply driving there are 2 fascinating truths since it was currently in 2006 a 2 kilometer test area in between Sweden was opened there were pantographs, if ours. it was 7 years ago 2016 look the number of years have actually passed, however pantographs I listen to infamous driving then there was 1 more location near Gotland 1.5 km there were immersed coils, so how was the induction of the charge the 2nd interest is still 2000 every 8th year there was likewise and such an experiment called it ought to be struck, however here it is currently with the management of world transport, so there was an issue behind it the 2nd interest is the 2nd such a soldier has actually not picked any innovation yet, ie in 2. years it will have a roadway the very first is presently uncertain what they will most likely bank on inductive charging problems with such cars and phony battery chargers, if I keep in mind properly, none, however on the other hand, the Italians attempted something like dad. their station, it ended we do not understand, so it is possible that such cars with useful battery chargers from the bottom will be such a battle, I believe you can attempt to include such interest at the end, yes, we provided you. intriguing truth Italy Sweden is a costly innovation at the minute, however I will inform you if I understand that pricey electrical cars are still costly much more costly exact same however okay what is taking place possibly in 5 years we will be entirely various I hope we can talk it will be more affordable more available and more useful that’s all, since 5 years when it pertains to electrical power is a lot, believe it was 10 years ago or 5 years back when it pertains to electrical cars, we’ll simply discover just how much. the development there is simply taking a look at the variety of designs or the series of these cars are great it is a day-to-day cars and truck publication have a serene weekend

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