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New LOTTO from 09/29/2022– outcomes. At any time you will compare the numbers that were attracted Lotto and Lotto Plus on 09/29/2022

The outcomes of the lotto from 29/09/2022 will be understood at any time. Are you ensuring you get it done today? Lottery and Lotto Plus drawing outcomes are released here every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. What numbers were drawn this time? Refill the short article and discover. Compare the numbers made use of 29/09/2022 in Lotto and Lotto Plus with those on your voucher and see if it deserved playing.

What numbers are on your voucher? What? a minimum of 3 of them will match the numbers attracted Lotto on 09/29/2022? See if triumph is yours. Keep in mind that winning draws are uncommon. If you will still have the ability to pick the fortunate numbers in the illustration on 29/09/2022– congratulations!

Lottery results on 29/09/2022

Draw Lotto09/29/2022 will end soon. Can you anticipate the winning numbers? The numbers attracted the previous diagram are:

How much can you win in Lotto?

The “6” pot in Lotto is constantly a minimum of PLN 2 million

For each draw, despite the outcome of the previous draw, the optimum reward swimming pool is PLN 2,000,000 This overall boosts each time no “6” was won in the previous draw.


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