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New Lucy offers kids sustainability ideas, Peter Maffay and Volkswagen extend the Tabaluga success story, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Children’s trip with unique visitors: Dresden school kids with Tabaluga the dragon, Lucy the firefly, Peter Maffay (centre), Achim Schaible (Head of Sales Germany, left) and Katharina Edel (Head of Sales/Marketing Open Factory, right). Picture: Volkswagen AG

Lucy offers kids sustainability ideas, Peter Maffay and Volkswagen broaden on Tabaluga’s success story

  • As part of their cooperation, Peter Maffay and #Volkswagen are developing a brand-new character on the planet of #Tabaluga: Lucy the firefly and the little dragon provide kids crucial #sustainability ideas.
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  • Peter Maffay: “We need to protect our lovely world for future generations and reveal the youngest what they can do for our world.”
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  • Achim Schaible, CEO of Volkswagen Germany: “Lucy must accompany kids in their concerns about the environment in an age-appropriate and helpful method.”

Renewing an enduring #partnership: cult artist Peter Maffay and Volkswagen provided their brand-new sustainability series for kids today. At the Clarity Factory in Dresden, a brand-new character stood for the very first time: Lucy, the wise firefly, will now support the kid’s preferred Tabaluga on an objective to method #environmental defense in a spirited method.

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In a specifically made #information video series, the little dragon Tabaluga and the wise firefly Lucy find how they can live more ecologically mindful. In 5 episodes, the 2 characters take young audiences by the hand and raise their awareness on the subjects of nutrition, #waste, #mobility, #electricity and #water. Amusing films and more info about the characters are on the digital platform to browse

In the very first episode, Tabaluga gains from Lucy how to do more for the biodiversity of plants and animals with mindful nutrition. Peter Maffay provided more sessions for school kids from the Dresden location for the very first time today. By the way, the firefly Lucy, which Volkswagen workers played an essential function in creating, will likewise play a main function in Maffay’s album “The World is Wonderful”, which will be launched in October.

” Tabaluga and Lucy are assisting to conserve our world and are devoted to our #climate,” states Peter Maffay, vocalist and developer of the little dragon. “We need to maintain our gorgeous world for future generations and reveal the youngest what they can do for our world.”

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Achim Schaible, CEO of Volkswagen Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG: “Volkswagen and Peter Maffay have had a close collaboration for several years. Kids and the environment are problems that are close to our hearts. With Lucy, we have actually produced a character that accompanies kids in a manner that is age-appropriate and their info and concerns about the environment.” Volkswagen itself likewise puts the environment at the center of its service. Through the “Zero Path”, the business has actually provided a clear roadmap towards decarbonisation. Vehicle makers are devoted to the objectives of the Paris environment security contract and the #GreenDeal of the European Union. Volkswagen wishes to be entirely #climateneutral by 2050.

Volkswagen Germany and Peter Maffay have actually been interacting on different tasks that benefit kids because2006 Formerly, they campaigned for more security for kids on the roadway.


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