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New Ma ³ opolska. 260 km/ h on the expressway. The Lamborghini driver went beyond the speed by 140 km/ h

The guy was speeding on the expressway on the Widoma-Szczepanowice roadway in Krakow poviat (Małopolskie Voivodeship) at a speed of 260 km/ h. He was just recently detained by the cops from the “Speed” group from the Road Traffic Department of the County Police Headquarters in Krakow. He was penalized with a fine and charge points.

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The driver of the Lamborghini was apprehended on Friday, August 26 after being inspected by an unmarked police vehicle geared up with a recorder.– It was discovered that the driver went beyond the speed limitation by about 140 kilometers per hour and was driving at a speed of about 260 kilometers per hour in an area with a limitation of 120 kilometers per hour. The street pirate was right away apprehended for assessment by police officers, notified sub-inspector Sebastian Gleń, press spokesperson of the Regional Police Headquarters in Krakow.

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The guy was fined PLN 2,500 and 10 charge points.

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Police officers advise them that speeding is the reason for numerous a mishap roadway. Motorists who go beyond the speed limitation present a danger to themselves and other roadway users.– Every day, the cops from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Krakow strictly manage the observance of the law on the streets of the Krakow poviat, and they deal with roadway pirates according to the concept of no tolerance, enforcing heavy fines on them– stated Gleń.

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