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New Major recall from Citroen Holland for air bags

The Citroen air bags are stated to be faulty. (Image: Shutterstock)
Many Citroen designs might have a defective air bag and require to be remembered. It is uncertain which design years it particularly describes. When it comes to C3 and DS 3, the job is to examine the driver’s air bag and guest air bag, and for C4, DS 4 and DS 5 just to inspect the driver’s air bag. If required, the air bags should be changed with a brand-new kind of air bag.

This is seen from the RDW healing register.

Stellantis learns about the recall and, when asked by Automotive, states that it will take the required actions, however does not explain through the representative Ellis Blase. Owners will be alerted by letter, RDW reports.

According to the RDW, the flaw represents “an increased threat of injury throughout a mishap. The propellant gas of the air bags might have been harmed by direct exposure to high humidity and heat for a long period of time. As an outcome, the air bag gas generators might produce extreme internal pressure. This excess pressure can trigger the inflator body to break and when triggered, metal particles can be ejected from the real estate.”


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