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New Maserati will terminate V8 engines next year

The development of the Maserati 5000 GT in 1959 marked the critical minute when the Italian marque ventured into the world of V8 engines. Consequently, Maserati accomplished amazing sales figures, surpassing 100,000 systems of their eight-cylinder automobiles. Sadly, the sun is setting on Maserati’s V8 engines, with their impending death on the horizon. Beyond 2024, potential purchasers will need to compete with the accessibility of four-cylinder and V6 engines, together with the engaging selection of electrical designs.

The valedictory homage to Maserati’s V8 engines manifests in the type of the Trofeo variations of the Levante, Ghibli, and Quattroporte. Appropriately powered by a twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder engine producing an outstanding 572 horse power, these stunning makers bid goodbye to the valued V8 family tree. Lovers will have the chance to bid farewell to this renowned powertrain at the distinguished Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the Ghibli 334 Ultima, Levante V8 Ultima, and Maserati Trofeo will be revealed to the critical public.

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The shift from combustion engines to electrical powertrains is frequently credited the strict European instruction set for2035 Maserati strives to accept complete electrification 5 years ahead of schedule, highlighting their dedication to perfectly fuse “ageless design, feel, and efficiency” with the dawn of the electrical age. Evidencing a prodigious start to their amazed journey, the Maserati GranTurismo Folgore protected the desired TopGear Award for Best Electric GT, declaring the brand name’s amazing trajectory in this paradigm shift.


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