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New Mercedes Benz Classic Notes 4/2022, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Mercedes Benz Classic Notes 4/2022

Stuttgart, August 29, 2022

#Mercedes #Benz, the world’s earliest high-end automobile producer, has actually been transforming the vehicle given that1886 In this method, the brand name continues to set requirements and likewise equals social modification. The history of the business is extremely abundant in occasions and stories. Quickly kept in mind here: essential anniversaries and crucial occasions from history.

August 1967– 55 years ago

The best of Mercedes-Benz security driving

  • From August 1967, all automobile of the brand name were geared up with a telescopic steering column and an effect absorber on the guiding wheel.
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  • Extra security for the #driver
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  • A crucial action in executing the security of locals at all times

From August 1967, all Mercedes-Benz automobile were fitted with a brand-new security steering system and a telescopic steering column with an effect absorber on the guiding wheel. At this moment, the program consisted of the series W 108/109, W 100, W 110, W 111/112 and W113 Even prior to that, the steering was developed in such a method that the guiding column did stagnate straight towards the driver in case of serious frontal crash. For this function, the steering equipment is put as far back as possible and straight in front of the bulkhead of the guest compartment. The brand-new security operation increases the effect: the components that can transfer the force towards the interior in case of a severe mishap can now be incorporated into each other to decrease the force of the resulting effect and therefore the tension on the residents. This uses to the coat tube, guiding spindle and steering gearshift tube. Specialists rapidly speak about the telescopic operating variety. The trade journal “auto motor und sport” composed in problem 19/1967: “Safety research study was currently being done at #Daimler Benz prior to it was needed by law.” In addition to the operating variety of the telescope and the impact result, other information were enhanced. resident security from the summertime of 1967: for instance brand-new door locks, childproof door locks, protected and reset control panel controls, manages, armrests and window hinges made from versatile plastic, brake indication light and folding outdoors mirrors.

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August 30 and 31, 1912– 110 years ago

  • Ralph de Palma wins the Elgin Road race with a record average of over 110 km/h.
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  • The fastest speed in racing in the early days of the automobile
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  • 5 years previously, Baron Pierre de Caters won the Ardennes race with a typical speed of 92.6 kilometers per hour.
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  • They all drive Mercedes race cars

Early car success: On August 30 and 31, 1912, 110 years earlier, Ralph de Palma won the Elgin Road race in Elgin, Illinois, USA, with a Mercedes 140 hp Grand Prix Type 1908, followed by Erwin Bergdoll with Benz. 150 hp With a typical speed of over 110 km/h, Ralph de Palma sets the record there: The 1912 race report states: “Driving a Mercedes, he won the Elgin National Trophy race and a free-for-all in the very best ever take place. the Time accomplished by Elgin course.” (” Driving a Mercedes, he won the Elgin National prize and complimentary for all in the very best time ever attained on the Elgin course.”) By contrast: Five years previously, July 27, 1907, Baron Pierre de Caters won the 6th Ardennes race over 600 km in a Mercedes 120 hp Grand Prix racing automobile developed by Paul Daimler after 6: 29:10 His typical speed: 92.6 km/h.

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September 28, 1997– 25 years ago

  • Mercedes Benz wins the Cart World Series engine category
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  • America’s partner for Formula 1
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  • The Mercedes Benz IC 108 D engine has actually won 9 out of 17 races
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  • Norbert Haug: “A hard-fought race with an open pad”

The Indianapolis 500 is among the most popular races worldwide. In the #Indy #Car Series held there, later on relabelled the Cart World Series and thought about as the American equivalent to Formula 1, driver Al Unser junior and the Penske group commemorated a clear triumph with the very best engine in 1997– with engine partner Mercedes– Benz commemorated the No. In Between 1995 and 2000, Mercedes Benz was active as an engine provider to different groups. The head of motorcycling at the time, Norbert Haug, keeps in mind: “There was a really high level of competitors and the race was battled with an open field. Motorists and fans fulfilled face to deal with as they utilized to do in the DTM.” Thanks to live broadcasts, motorsport lovers in Europe can likewise follow the Kart Series. 17 races will be kept in 1997, the last being hung on September 28, 1997 at California Speedway in Fontana. After 9 success this season, the Mercedes-Benz IC 108 D is crowned the winner of the engine category.

The eight-cylinder engine with methanol capability and a displacement of 2.65 liters has an output of around 625 kilowatts (850 hp). The factory-backed Penske group took 2nd location in the manufacturers’ standings.

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September 30, 1897– 125 years ago

  • Germany’s very first cars and truck club
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  • The Central European Automobile Association is established in Berlin
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  • Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were the very first individuals
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  • ” The tool for all automobile and boating market interests”

111 years after the development of the vehicle in 1886 by Carl Benz, the Central European Automobile Association was established in Berlin on September 30, 1897, the very first German car club. Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler are amongst the charter member. Rudolf Diesel, another innovation leader, is likewise there. The association sees itself as “a vehicle for all the interests of the automobile and boating market”. The inaugural conference states that, thinking about the efforts of France, Great Britain and the United States, “the existing state of autos in Austria and Germany is identified by an inequality with the existing level of advancement”. Some makers provide cars at launch. Benz and Cie. from Mannheim is represented by the cars “Comfortable”, “Victoria”, “Break” and “business vehicle for shipment transportation”.


60 years earlier– Jörg van Ommen, born September 27, 1962, #DTM #racing driver and runner-up in 1994 and 1995 in the #Mercedes #Benz C Class


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