New Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo. Exploring in a kombivan

Here Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo The name is certainly not unexpected. Let us advise you that “V-ka” is likewise discovered in this dialect. It is a homage to those who value liberty of travel.

It will be tough to acknowledge a touring vehicle from the outdoors

From the outdoors, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that the design provided has actually been customized in any method. The bodywork stayed the same, which implies particular lighting components, a big grill and such glazing. Shape like Renault Kangoo is not a coincidence– are twin structures although they have some distinctions.

-LRB- Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo– compact touring

Engineers chose numerous intriguing services that make taking a trip with this design extremely satisfying. Freedom of lodging in different locations Denial of civilization appears to lure him.

Let’s begin with the front of the cabin where they can be holes put on unique plastic panels that guarantee compatibility with the side windows. An information, however crucial if one hangs around in your home.

Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo shutters.
Special covers offer ventilation when accessing to the interior of the automobile

The back is still intriguing. The back and front panels can be folded, which will enable you to expose a big, strong table for consuming. It might appear like a great deal of enjoyable, however designers likewise produced common bed room which utilizes a 2nd layer and a folding bed mattress.

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Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo second row.
The best location can be made from the 2nd row

Although the “sofa” was put on top, The volume of the interior permits you not to feel claustrophobic It deserves keeping in mind that extra lighting components and side breaks of little bags or knapsacks were likewise utilized.

Bedroom in Marco Polo T-Class Mercedes.
A basic bed room supplies adequate area for 2 individuals

After opening the trunk, we see a big organizer. It has actually concealed drawers drowning and gas range We can likewise get in the automobile fridge and some crucial storage locations.

Marco Polo T-Class Organizer
In the trunk you will discover a gas range and sink

Summa summarum is a really enjoyable service for individuals who enjoy the complimentary life of travelers. The only thing missing out on is a restroom, however when it comes to an automobile of such measurements, it is difficult to grumble about it. Rates have actually not been divulged, nevertheless They will certainly be lower than the V-Class

Marco Polo T-Class luggage compartment
The organizer is strong and big

Remember that Mercedes T-Class offered in Polish deal. The catalog opens with the “160” variation, offering 102 horse power, a six-speed handbook transmission and front-wheel drive. It amounts to PLN 122 692 overall.

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