New Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 classic automobile

Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J381975 vintage car
Inexpensive Curious Off-Road Oldies

An American vintage car dealer is offering a timeless jeep constructed by Mitsubishi. Oldies at their finest are really budget friendly.

It’s fairly simple to offer die-hard Jeep fans immediate tension relief: Just point out owning a Suzuki Jeep. Or a Mitsubishi Jeep. This typically causes prolonged directions in a lukewarm tone, and it’s not unreasonable for the producers themselves to utilize the motto “Only Jeeps are Jeeps.”

genuine mitsubishi jeep

However, if you have some understanding of the topic, you can neutralize this completely. As Willys Jeep excitedly certified the then four-sided CJ 3B to Indian producer Mahindra and others in the 1950 s, other brand names were efficiently enabled to construct their own Jeeps. Much like Mitsubishi.


Initially, Mitsubishi utilized the CKD procedure to produce certified Jeeps as left-hand drive, and later on presented numerous right-hand drive variations.

In 1953, when the Willis Motor Company presented the CJ-3B, Japanese maker Mitsubishi acquired a license to produce the design for the Japanese market. The background was likewise to be able to handle the then emerging competitors Nissan Patrol and Toyota BJ (later on Land Cruiser). In the early years, Mitsubishi still produced the left-hand drive licensed Jeep, and later on designs changed to a right-hand drive design.

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Over the course of 45 years, Mitsubishi has actually constructed brand new variations of the CJ-3B, with more than 30 variations in all, with various wheelbases, bodies, and various engines. Production of the Mitsubishi CJ-3B didn’t end till 1998, when the Japanese car manufacturer had actually produced about 200,000 of the big off-roader. A few of them even discovered their method through winding roadways to Europe and the United States, and the large bulk of these four-wheel-drive classics were utilized in Asia Pacific, and some are still on the roadway today.

Two-tone paint and red interior

The design reported here is a Mitsubishi Jeep J38 constructed in between 1970 and1983 The J38 is a 1975 design from Duncan Classics in Christiansburg, VA. The J38 is a design with a repaired steel body and a long wheelbase in a normal two-tone paint surface and is offered in 3- or six-seater designs.

Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 auction

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Duncan Imports and Classic Cars

Very Chic: Red Upholstered Bench in Front

Given that the 47- year-old vehicle remains in excellent condition, the $29,000 asking rate can definitely be thought about a no-brainer when you consider the rate of a Willys Jeep in comparable condition. Little things like the customized steering damper, low-cost CD radio and customized tachometer needs to be eliminated once again by fans of the initial, however in general the traditional impression is still great.

It’s truly worth it

This uses both to the interior condition (red furnishings is really basic) along with the body and frame where the body and frame are visibly rusted and non-porous– even if the underbody security is plainly there to strive. The innovation is likewise displayed in the photos, with the cuffs, rubber parts and lines undamaged and looking fresh.

Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 auction

Duncan Imports and Classic Cars

Domestic production: Original Mitsubishi four-cylinder gasoline engine with 110 horse power.

Another plus: Mitsubishi has actually set up a fair bit of Japanese innovation in the automobile, in the example explained here, for instance, a 4G53 Astron fuel engine with overhead camera, a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with a strong 110 horse power.

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In a vehicle of this period, some loosely laid cable televisions, later on set up hose pipes, or rather listless door panels can be neglected as little decors for the brand-new owner. Anybody who right away fell for this sweetie: Duncan Classic It’s a day’s journey from several abroad ports on the U.S. East Coast, so a Mitsubishi Jeep fits quickly into a container.


Youngtimer– Drive low-cost and anticipate including worth.

Classic Cars– Everything else is uninteresting utilized cars.

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in conclusion

Drive an old-fashioned Jeep that nobody else can do so quickly: With a Mitsubishi Jeep, it’s possible in Europe. Mitsubishi has actually produced almost 200,000 licenses of different variations in 45 years, the huge bulk stay in the Asia-Pacific area. On unusual celebrations, a real Mitsubishi Jeep wandered off into Europe. The author of these lines just keeps in mind a specimen he as soon as strolled by. That’s a “snotty” brief, open CJ-3B reproduction, not a fancy two-tone household automobile like this example.

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