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New Mitsubishi Starion (1982-1990): Do you remember it?

( Motorsport-Total. com/Motor1)– You understand them. And in some way it isn’t. We are not discussing our own next-door neighbors, however about cars that have actually stayed so unnoticeable that just high-end fans understand about them to this day. Such designs might not have actually been flops, however they ran under the radar of the typical vehicle purchaser. In an uncommon series we bring here under the title “ Do you remember him?” such Old and young from the fog of oblivion.

Mitsubishi Starion (1982-1990)


These days, the range of design automobile brand names appears to be practically uncontrollable. Back then it was lighter? Never! Let’s return to the 1980 s: the Turbo is the bad thing of the time, at the exact same time Japanese brand names are pressing a growing number of into the European market. To distinguish themselves, Nissan, Toyota and Co. nearly all likewise use cars. They reveal what is technically possible in the Far East. Which’s a lot.

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Let’s take the Mitsubishi Starion, for instance, which masterfully integrates the styles of turbo, Japanese and excellent innovation. It concerned the marketplace 40 years earlier, today Starion is not popular even amongst fans.

Star in “Cannonball Run II”

The wedge-shaped and angular cars appears like it’s straight out of a sci-fi animation like “Sable Rider”. By the method, the name is a portmanteau from “Star of Arion”, which in turn describes Greek folklore.

Fun Facts: In England he was called “ Colt Starion”. In 1984 he had the primary function in the motion picture “Cannonball Run II” with Burt Reynolds. Jackie Chan drives a Starion vehicle there. Mitsubishi produced the Starion 4WD for Group B of the World Rally Championship, which was terminated prior to the cars and truck was changed.

Optics might be complicated, however under the hood of the Starion you will discover a technical treatment: 2.0 liter four-cylinder with turbocharging and 2 horizontal shafts. The power is 170 hp, and the intercooler from 1985 is 180.

A low-cost Porsche 944

This puts Mitsubishi on par Porsche 944, which most likely likewise functioned as a visual hint. The leading speed of 220 km/ h and, above all, 7.6 seconds to 100 km/ h is constantly at the level of Porsche at that time.

But not the rate: 34,500 DM for the fundamental Starion design from 1986, with environment control and other extra devices is 39,500 DM. Porsche declared around 51,000 marks for the944 Without additionals.

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Internally aerated disc brakes all round and a chassis with independent wheel suspension complete the Starion’s technical specials. Throughout a facelift in 1987, it grew in width and volume. Now it is 2.6 liters, however just 147 hp due to feline detoxing.

Although the Starion was currently uncommon in Germany with more than 3,000 systems till 1990, an overall of 80,000 great copies were constructed. Practically similar sis designs from Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler for the United States market likewise add to this. If you are trying to find Starion today, we can just want you the very best …


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