New Normal with a little touch of charge: Audi Q4 40 E-Tron– an electrical automobile for daily usage

Usually with a little touch of charge

Audi Q4 40 E-Tron– an electrical vehicle for daily usage

With the Q4 E-Tron, Audi has an electrical automobile for daily and routine usage in its variety. If you do not mind taking a break, you can even go on a long journey with Stromer. It most likely will not motivate those in a rush. And the purchase cost is not for little wallets.

Electric cars frequently highlight their distinctions with progressive styling. Not so with the Q4 E-Tron. Stromer fits quickly into Audi’s existing style DNA. Otherwise, the five-door seems like a routine daily automobile with some exceptional touches. As a user, you simply need to want to attempt brand-new things on a long journey.

The 4.59- meter-long five-door appear like a common SUV from Audi.

( Photo: Audi)

Like lots of other Stromers from the VW Group, the Q4 is likewise based upon MEB electronic devices. Thanks to the battery in the basement, the MEB designs are rather high, which is not especially visible when it comes to the Q4. At 1.63 meters, it is one centimeter greater than the Q3 put listed below it, however compared to the Q5 it is 3 centimeters flatter.

Hard plastic parts ruin the sensation

While the interior is appealing with Audi’s streamlined paintwork, the restrictions of the MEB world– such as the apparently fragile plastic parts listed below the haptic acknowledgment location– eclipse the favorable impressions. The offered area in the Q4’s 4.59 meter height is constantly excellent. 5 doors ruin you with lots of legroom and headroom in the front and back. Unlike combustion Audis, there is no main tunnel, which is why the 3rd set of legs can be quickly positioned in the back.


The digital cockpit has numerous Audi beauties.

( Photo: Audi)

The trunk is as you ‘d anticipate from a little SUV: roomy, requirement and extended. The charging cable television fits under the detachable rack. Uncommon for an Audi cockpit is a drifting center console with a little slide switch for equipment choice. Rather of totally engaging the drive system, the driver merely sits at the wheel and moves the controller to D. And off you go.

They are absolutely appropriate for fars away

With a big 82 kWh battery, 77 kWh of which can be utilized, the Q4 40 we checked appropriates for long journeys. According to the WLTP procedure, the energy storage permits more than 500 km. In practice, nevertheless, these are brief, as revealed by the journey of around 330 km from Cologne to Bremen. We began with a complete battery and, according to the on-board computer system, with a variety of more than 400 km, with 130 cruise control, summer season heat and environment triggered, 340 km stayed.


Unusual for an Audi is the free-floating center console with a little drive switch.

In order not to get here with a practically empty battery, we headed to among the numerous quick battery chargers that are now readily available on the side of the highway. A couple of minutes sufficed to rapidly begin a neutral buffer with a charging power of about 80 kW. Because no personal charging station was offered at that location, we needed to go to the quick battery charger at the filling station there once again. It likewise began with a charging power of around 80 kW, which reduces as the filling level boosts. At 65 percent, for instance, it was just 67 kW. Charging from 10 to 80 percent or 53 kWh took 44 minutes. Actually “fast” refueling can take longer, although the Q4 with 135 kW can be quicker.

We got closer to this outstanding worth on the return journey. On the A1 towards Cologne, the navigation system recommended a stop at the EnBW quick charging park in Kamen. Thanks to the conditioned battery, the 300 kW HPC range often sent out 116 kW to the battery cells. Charging 45 kWh or 12 to 67 percent took 28 minutes. With a typical usage of 20 kWh per 100 km, we have actually covered a variety of 200 km in less than 30 minutes. Without an air-conditioned battery and a charge target of 80 percent, you ought to determine more time.

Charging when he is– bothersome or enjoyable


The number 40 means a big battery with a functional capability of 77 kWh.

( Photo: Audi)

Even if the Q4 40 E-Tron is mainly ideal for long-distance usage, you will need to accept “refueling breaks” on longer journeys than with the combustion engine. Often this can be frustrating, in some cases enjoyable. The EnBW toll park we went to, for instance, is well set out and has a comfy toilet, and there are likewise lots of food alternatives close by.

People of this age rapidly can not be as passionate about the Q4 E-tron as lots of other Audi designs. Specifically given that, for factors of effectiveness, you drive 130 km/ h rather of the optimum possible 160 km/ h. The remarkably effective and constantly cultivated Stromer stays scheduled when it comes to energy expenses. If you fill with low-cost house electrical energy for 30 cents, 100 km with an usage of 20 kWh costs a great 6 euros. With a pricey electrical on the go, you get about 10 euros, which is still a couple of euros less expensive than a gasoline engine with the very same engine.


The technical relationship with the VW.3 or Skoda Enyaq ID is well concealed by the Audi designs.

( Photo: Audi)

The purchase cost is not extremely appealing when it pertains to cost. Around 45,000 euros are currently being required the base 35 E-Tron with a little battery of 55 kWh, 52,000 euros for the 40 with a big battery and 150 kW/204 hp rear wheel drive. If you tick a couple of boxes, you can rapidly discuss 60,000 euros. Our short article was 64,000 euros. ecological benefit? Given that it will not be possible to get a brand-new Q4 prior to 2023 due to the long shipment time, an aid of most likely less than 5,000 euros will be a drop in the pail instead of a shower of warm cash.


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