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New NS employees are on strike in North Holland today: “Trains will stop nearly completely”

NS employees are on strike in the North-West area today, our area is likewise among the victims this time. Train guests in our area need to discover alternative transportation. The primary Dutch trade union, FNV (Federation of Dutch Trade Unions) had actually currently revealed the strike and it is among a series of strikes that have actually occurred because recently. There is a strike for each area, today it is the turn of the area where Noord-Holland lies.

” Commuters from Haarlem need to take a trip with a various mode of transportation today,” states FNV director Roos Rahimi. He validates that trains in the North-West area will stop really close. “The Noord area had a ‘high level of strike’ from employees last Wednesday, we anticipate it to be the very same throughout the next strike. NS might have the ability to run one train with non-striking employees, however I would not rely on it,” stated Rahimi.

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24 hour strike

In addition, Rahimi validates that the strike will be extremely comparable to recently’s strike in the North. Today’s strike will likewise last for 24 hours: from 4 am to 4 am on Tuesday.

” Workers seem like squeezed lemons. They’re gone”

Roos Rahimi, director of FNV

The strikes are a direct outcome of the breakdown of settlements in between NS and the NS labor unions relating to the cumulative labor arrangement. The unions are requiring, to name a few things, a raise of EUR100 each month, and a one-time perk of EUR600 for all workers. The factor for this is the current inflation. This is not the only factor for the strike. Another essential point is the heavy work pressure that, according to the trade unions, is put on NS employees.

Shortages in the labor market

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According to Rahimi, the employees need to work more difficult and more difficult since of the scarcity of the labor market. “Workers seem like squeezed lemons. They’re gone.” FNV likewise requires much better lineups and much better total working conditions for NS staff members.

This uses not just to workers such as conductors and train chauffeurs, however likewise to numerous NS workers who are not noticeable to travelers. “There are lots of employees who do not see tourists, however that is never ever discussed,” states Rahimi.

” NS has actually dedicated waste”

Rose Rahimic

NS states it is difficult for them to fulfill the need. They do not have adequate cash to pay their employees high earnings. According to them, this will be because of the corona epidemic. Really couple of guests took the train, which triggered a substantial monetary loss to the business.

According to Rahimi, it is not totally due to the monetary scenario of NS, however their policy. “NS has actually done bad management. They continued to decrease to increase revenues, which suggested that they might not offer excellent service to tourists, pressing them away,” stated the director of FNV.

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Later on

On their site, NS suggests that they have an interest in renegotiating the cumulative labor contract, however show that settlements need to take into consideration the challenging labor market, increasing costs and decreasing guest numbers.

The FNV has actually revealed that if the local strike does not bring the preferred outcomes, they will change to nationwide action.


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