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New Once once again, no trains are running due to action: ‘I do not understand if this is really wise’

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Just like the other day, there are absolutely no trains from Arnhem Central today. Image: Omroep Gelderland

ARNHEM– For the 2nd day in a row, there are nearly no trains in Gelderland. NS employees seem like ‘squeezed lemons’, according to the FNV trade union. The travel bureau ROCOV is very important: “Days like this do not assist to get individuals back on the train,” states chairman Johan Kruithof.

Train traffic was likewise stopped the other day. The unions wished to close down NS train traffic in the center of the nation. NS stated that the effect of the day’s action was so terrific that no train traffic was possible in other parts of the nation.

Regional trains are running today. Bring runs on the Arnhem-Doetinchem path and Blauwnet takes guests from Zutphen to Hengelo in Overijssel. Connexxion runs in between Barneveld and Amersfoort. Arriva trains operate on the following paths: Arnhem-Tiel, Arnhem-Winterswijk, Winterswijk-Zutphen, Zutphen-Apeldoorn.

Tap two times

“Eastern Holland has actually suffered a double blow. The strikes are 2 days in a row. That is extremely unfortunate, states ROCOV’s Kruithof, who states he has a great deal of compassion for the striking NS employees. Individuals are utilizing the trains less and less. NS is handling a decline in variety of guests.

“Days like this do not assist to bring individuals back to the train, individuals who were currently doubtful about utilizing the train, are now returning from it. They can no longer count on the train coming, considered that individuals then take the automobile. which is easier for them,” the representative chairman of the Gelderland public transportation tourist stated.

Kruithof thinks that public transportation needs to be made more appealing. “That’s how you satisfy public transportation users which’s how you assist NS”.

‘squeezed lemon’

NS employees are on strike for a much better cumulative bargaining contract. “Many individuals seem like a squeezed lemon,” states FNV member Hans Walthie. The trade unionist notes that less and less individuals need to work more which the balance in between work and individual life is out of balance. Walthie states that individuals can not go to the toilet appropriately in between journeys. “That needs to stop at some time.”

In addition, the unions (FNV, CNV and VVMC) desire their wages to be raised and increase according to inflation.

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