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New OPINIONS. Extreme selfishness of regional authorities – Chrzanów, Libiąż, Trzebinia ‘

You must tighten your belts and conserve whatever you can. Well, perhaps other than for one job– to promote the regional ruler.

Do you grumble that there is inadequate cash for street baskets? Or by routinely cleaning up the asphalt roadways and streets in your city? Well, the scenario is bad for losing cash left and right, due to the fact that Pandora’s Box was opened numerous months ago … First the epidemic, then the war, and lastly the inflation … Not to discuss the energy costs. You need to tighten your belts and conserve whatever you can. Well, perhaps other than for one job– to promote the regional ruler.

Such reflection pertained to me once again when– by mishap– I got my hands on the most recent edition of “Kronika Chrzanowska”. This is the 2nd one this year. The very first one was red, now it’s navy blue. The colors are various, however something prevails– promoting the mayor. Chronicles “and who spreads out? Personally– the mayor Robert Maciaszek. The picture appears like a stock. The title of the interview influences the residents of the poviat city: “Let’s take pride in Chrzanów”.
Well, contemporary federal government PR frequently has the face, name and title of the regional ruler. The scenario is the very same as in Libiąż, Alwernia, and specifically Trzebinia. And much more pressing. Due to the fact that here a neighborhood publishing home is released monthly.
In the pages of city government publications, our mayors seem like buttered donuts. The paper is not whatever. They mark their existence on the ad walls. You can see the text about them– the district of Chrzanów, Libiąż or Trzebinia. For neighborhood cash, there were likewise those with engravings: “Mayor of Chrzanów”, “Mayor of Libiąż”, “Mayor of Trzebinia”.
And for some time now, for example for city days, it has actually been welcoming the mayor, not the neighborhood. This mayor frequently does not understand what work the company of such an occasion needs.

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At a time when the war is going on outdoors our border, I follow the Telegram network messenger out of interest. And on it– the propaganda channel of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. All these “field check outs” of the satrap from beyond our eastern border, his concept attributes and reprimands. And I fear a growing number of that we are entering this instructions. The sense of self-promotion of the city government frustrates me and concerns me a growing number of.


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