New Osteogenone– signs, dose, contraindications

Bow Osteogenon it is released at the drug store just on legal discussion directions The active compound of this preparation is a complex of ossein and hydroxyapatite. Other active ingredients are potato starch, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and colloidal anhydrous silica; shell includes hypromellose, talc, macrogol 6000, yellow iron oxide (E 172) and titanium dioxide (E 171). One tablet consists of 830 mg of this substance, that makes about 444 mg of hydroxyapatite, 178 mg of calcium and 82 mg of phosphorus. The bundle includes 40 covered, yellow tablets and expenses about PLN 34.

Osteogenon dose

Dose Each drug need to be figured out by the physician and adapted to the private requirements of the client. If the preparation is taken as a treatment for osteoporosis, the typical dosage is advised measurement it is 2 to 4 tablets two times a day; Osteogenon ideally taken with food. If the drug is recommended under various signs, measurement generally a couple of tablets a day. Do not take it two times dosage to finish measurement it’s late. Passing excessive dosage preparations can trigger, to name a few, the following signs: thirst, queasiness, throwing up, high blood pressure, anorexia nervosa, weak point, modifications in heart rhythm, bone discomfort, psychological disruptions.

Contraindications to taking the drug Osteogenon

Drugs Osteogenon you should not do that to accept if the client dislikes the active compound or any other element of the preparation. Other contraindications These consist of hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, calcium-induced nephrolithiasis, tissue calcification, and intense kidney failure. The drug must likewise not be utilized by kids under the age of 6 and individuals utilizing dialysis. Osteogenon possibly accepted and females breastfeeding and pregnant after consulting your physician.

Side results of taking Osteogenon

Take preparations Osteogenon might or might not be related to an occasion damage These consist of stomach discomfort, queasiness, irregularity, itching, rash and, when it comes to long-lasting usage of high dosages of the drug, excess calcium in the blood and extreme excretion of calcium in the urine. The frequency of these signs has actually not been figured out in research studies.

Interaction with other drugs

Please notify your medical professional if you are utilizing any of the list below kinds of medication:

  1. thiazide diuretics; together with Osteogenone, can change calcium levels in the blood,

  2. digitalis glycosides; together with Osteogenon, they can increase the incident of negative effects,

  3. Osteogenone can likewise make thyroid hormonal agents less reliable.
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