New Ott Tänak wins the Ypres rally, Thierry Neuville will not go into the leading 10 for his individuals|public conference

Thierry Neuville stopped working to win the Ypres Rally, like in 2015. Our coworker came out of his Hyundai track on the certifying day and lastly saw his colleague Ott Tänak win the Westhoek. World Cup leader Kalle Rovanperä likewise didn’t play a huge function, however stays an authority in the standings.

last rating
1. Ott Tanak (Fin-Hyundai) at 2’25’38”
2. Elfin Evans (GB-Toyota) for 5 ″ 0
3. Esapekka Lappi (Fin-Toyota) 1’41 ″ 6
4. Oliver Solberg (Sweden-Hyundai) 3’28 ″ 5
5. Takamoto Katsuta (Jap-Toyota) 6’06 ″ 1

  1. At 1422 Tänak wins the Rally van Ypres, still 3 World Cup points for Neuville. Est Ott Tänak did not amaze once again in the 20 th phase, the Power Stage. He wins the Ypres Rally in his Hyundai, ahead of Toyota chauffeurs Elfin Evans and Esapekka Lappi. The distinction with Evans at the end was 5 seconds. Thierry Neuville did not get in the top 10 due to his modification from the other day, however he takes 3 more World Cup points thanks to his 3rd put on the Power Stage.
  2. 13 h02 Now see the last flight up Kemmelberg! The distinction in between Tänak and Evans is more than 7 seconds prior to the start of the last. Who will pull the paper on Kemmelberg? Now take a look at journey 20.
  3. 10 o’clock33 Battle Tänak-Evans, Neuville 2x 3rd. With 2 phases to go, Ott Tänak (Hyundai) seems on his method to triumph in the Ypres rally. The Estonian has a reward of practically 7 seconds on the very first fan Elfin Evans (Toyota), who won both phases on Sunday early morning in Tänak. Thierry Neuville, who left the track the other day, ended up 3rd two times, however no longer takes part in the general success for his individuals.
  4. 9 am54 Neuville: “I enjoyed it anyhow”.

    Neuville: “I enjoyed it anyhow”

  5. 08 h44 Is Neuville revealing something to his individuals? Thierry Neuville suffered a violent end to the 3rd day of the Rally of Ypres the other day. He went away from his own individuals and since of that he can forget some last triumph. Will he do something in his Hyundai on the last day?.
  6. 21-08-2022
  7. 7 pm56 Neuville: “It will require time to process this”. Things looked great for Thierry Neuville on Saturday. He appeared to direct the race to his will, however in the last he drove his automobile over the edge, causing his retirement. “It’s basic what occurred. We were approaching a sluggish. There was a great deal of dust on the roadway.” “The details was not in our notes and was not determined by the group that examined the course formerly.” “So the dust needs to have been kicked up by the motorists who began prior to us. We were captured by surprise and slipped into the ditch,” Neuville stated. Thanks to the assistance of some viewers, Neuville had the ability to continue. He parked his cars and truck no more. “I do not understand precisely what the damage was. The tire went flat and there was an issue with the guiding wheel. It would have been hard to complete.” “We will begin once again on Sunday, however the delight is gone, we seemed like rewarding a great deal of fans on the side of the roadway, they have actually supported us a lot this weekend, we are dissatisfied, it will be a bit prior to we do this. It has actually been processed.”.
  8. 7 pm52 The happiness is gone now. We are really dissatisfied and it will take a while to process this. Thierry Neuville.
  9. 19 h50 Neuville will collapse and can not continue even more.

    Neuville falls and can go no additional

  10. At19 Tänak closes Saturday as the leader. The leading favorites Thierry Neuville and Kalle Rovanperä will not win this Ypres Championship. In the 15 th lap, Neuville, who was leading at the time, headed out of the corner and was permitted to put away his hopes of another Ypres general success. His colleague Ott Tänak is now in the lead, with a narrow lead over Briton Elfin Evans. Tomorrow you can follow the development of this Ypres Race from 9.30 am.
  11. 17 h56 Extremely misfortune for Neuville in phase15 Thierry Neuville will not win the Ypres Rally. In the seventh phase of the 2nd day he went off the track extremely. With the assistance of viewers, Neuville had the ability to drive a little additional, however quickly needed to put his Hyundai aside. Estonian colleague Ott Tänak is the brand-new leader, 6 ″ 3 ahead of Belgian Elfyn Evans (Toyota). Neuville made a strong start to the 2nd round of 4 phases on Saturday afternoon. The Belgian won the very first phase and increased his lead over Tänak to 18 “3. In the next phase, the Belgian decreased a bit, prior to going complete speed once again in the Wijtschate phase. After 6.4 km it moved onto a gravel scattered left in the ditch. A promised Neuville had the aid of observers and had the ability to drive at low speed, however pulled his Hyundai somewhat to the side. The motorists will finish another phase on Saturday. 4 more phases of category will follow on Sunday.
  12. 16:58 Evans takes phase14 Phase 14 in this Ypres Rally went to England’s Elfyn Evans (Hyundai). He led the regrettable World Cup leader Kalle Rovanperä (Toyota) (0 ″ 5). Ott Tänak (Hyundai) set the 3rd fastest time in 1 ″ 7 of Evans. In the standings, Thierry Neuville stays in the lead with a distinction of 17 ″ 2 over Ott Tänak, Elfyn Evans remains in 3rd location. Today there are still 2 phases arranged in the program. Tomorrow early morning (from 9.30 am) the decrease of this session. public conference.
  13. 4: 0033 Kalle Rovanperä: “We’re simply delighting in today, however tomorrow we’ll attempt to get points on the Power Stage”.

    Kalle Rovanperä: “We’re simply having a good time today, however tomorrow we’ll attempt to score on the Power Stage”

  14. At 1624 Martijn Wydaeghe: “The time of the bumps when I passed my household”.

    Martijn Wydaeghe: “The time of the bumps when I passed my household”

  15. 4: 0019 Thierry Neuville: “It will be a hard afternoon, however attempt to have a good time”.

    Thierry Neuville: “It will be a tough afternoon, however attempt to enjoy it”


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