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New Passengers will remember this flight for a long period of time. British Airways was flying with a damaged window

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The dreadful occurrence occurred on a British Airways flight from London to Rhodes. The aircraft needed to make an emergency situation landing in Athens. The factor was a damaged windscreen in the cockpit. The failure might have happened when the aircraft was eleven kilometers in the air.

Broken windscreen on the airplane. “frightening”

Caroline Edmunds, a traveler on the airplane, was the very first to report the deadly failure on Twitter. He likewise published a photo of the damaged glass.

” A huge thank you to the British Airways pilots who landed securely in Athens after our aircraft’s windshield broke. Frightening. Now I’m eagerly anticipating another not-so-amazing journey to Rhodes!” The guest composed.

A British Airways representative likewise discussed the circumstance, stating that “due to technical problems the flight headed to Athens and landed securely”. He likewise excused the scenario and notified about the plan of another flight.

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According to FlightRadar24 information, the scary event might have occurred at an elevation of about eleven kilometers, since that’s when the aircraft started to come down quickly.

Breaking glass can trigger death

Some time earlier, the pilot Harrison Murray in a video released on TikTok described about the risk of damaged glass on the airplane.

” First of all, the pressure can drop rapidly. As he described, the guests have just 30 to 90 seconds to place on the oxygen masks, then they will pass out. If they stop working, they can not live”– advises TVN24


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