New PCCD: Third win in a row: Dylan Pereira commemorates at the Lausitzring

run 12

” In the start I had the ability to get the lead, however in the end Larry 10 Voorde got more detailed. It was a close battle, however we have actually understood each other for several years and I understood he was a reasonable driver, even in the race for the lead. Whatever is still clear in defending the champion,” states Pereira. Currently on Saturday Pereira commemorated at the top of the podium and has actually won 3 times in a row. An overall of 21,500 visitors followed the race survive on the site– a brand-new record for an ADAC GT Masters occasion at the Lausitzring.

Pereira certified with a lights-to-flag win in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. After the 25- year-old handled to break away from the 29 behind him at the start, Pereira battled an awesome fight with 10 Voorde in the closing laps. Lap by lap, the two-time Carrera Cup champ increased the pressure on the straw man, however needed to hang on to 2nd location after 22 laps. “I enhanced by one position. Possibly I might have taken more threats in the end. Still, 2nd location is an excellent outcome,” states 10 Voorde.

Podium: Dylan Pereira from IronForce Racing and Phoenix

Points leader Heinrich went up from seventh on the grid to 3rd. “For me it had to do with developing as numerous positions as possible. It’s an excellent outcome that we wind up on the podium. In general, it was an effective weekend due to the fact that I had the ability to extend my lead in the champion,” states Heinrich. Colleague Morris Schuring (Netherlands) ended up 4th. Behind the 17- year-old, 6 chauffeurs defended 5th location. Viewers in the stands saw numerous skirmishes and position modifications. In the end, Loek Hartog (Netherlands/Black Falcon) took 5th location. The order behind them was Rudy van Buren (Netherlands/Huber Racing), Jukka Honkavuori (Finland Racing/ID), Jesse van Kuijk (Netherlands/GP Elite Team) and Bastian Buus (Danish Racing/Allied). Dutchman Huub van Eijndhoven (GP Elite) finished the leading 10 as the very best novice.

Georgi Donchev (Huber Racing) commemorated top place in the ProAm category. For the Bulgarians, it is the very first triumph of the season and the 2nd triumph in the Porsche Carrera Cup in Germany. German duo Kim Hauschild (HRT Performance) and Jan-Erik Slooten (IronForce Racing by Phoenix) likewise made it onto the podium in the work on the 3.478 km track.

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” The 2 races at the Lausitzring were common for the German Porsche Carrera Cup. We saw lots of battles not just at the front, however throughout the field. I more than happy that we had the ability to contribute our part to an effective ‘Festival of Family and Friends’ with races and activities on the field aircraft,” states Hurui Issak, Project Manager for Porsche Carrera Cup Germany.

911 GT3 Cup, Larry ten Voordi, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, round 12, Lausitzring, Germany, 2022, Porsche Deutschland GmbH
911 GT3 Cup from Team GP Elite

Lausitzring fans likewise got their cash’s worth far from the track. The “Festival of Family and Friends” supplied an interesting experience for the entire household. In the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland paddock, visitors might find a waffle stand, historical Porsche 911 GT3 Cup designs and a “Walk of Champions” with big sticker labels of all 32 general Carrera Cup winners. In addition, the 8 motorists of the make-one cup skill group showcased their skill in an enjoyable managed electrical kart and course difficulty.

The next stop on the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany race calendar is the Sachsenring in 5 weeks. From September 23 to 25, the 13 th and 14 th rounds of the ADAC GT Masters season will occur in Hohenstein-Ernstthal. With 218 points, Heinrich takes a trip to southwest Saxony as the leader of the standings. Chaser 10 Voorde is 2nd with 192 points ahead of Pereira (190 points).

Results of race round 12, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

Results of race round 12, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany
1. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg/IronForce and Phoenix Racing)
2. Larry 10 Voorde (Netherlands/GP Team Elite)
3. Laurin Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing)
4. Morris Schuring (Netherlands/SSR Huber Racing)
5. Loek Hartog (Netherlands/Black Falcon)
6. Rudy van Buren (Dutch Championship/Huber)
7. Jukka Honkavuori (Finnish Championship/ID)
8. Jesse van Kuijk (Netherlands/GP Team Elite)
9. Bastian Buus (Denmark/Allied Racing)
10 Huub van Eijndhoven (Dutch Elite/GP)

Full race outcomes outcomes

Score after 12 out of 16 runs

Driver Rating
1. Laurin Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing), 218 points
2. Larry 10 Voorde (Netherlands/Team GP Elite), 192 points
3. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg/IronForce Racing by Phoenix), 190 points

run 11

In the l lth round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Dylan Pereira (IronForce Racing by Phoenix) won his 3rd triumph of the present champion. At the Lausitzring, the Luxembourger won a waterlogged race in the last minutes on Saturday.

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” After a weak start for me, I didn’t anticipate to win once again. I understood that I had to be calm under these tough conditions and that paid off in the end,” states Pereira. Dutchman Rudy van Buren (Huber Racing) completed second and commemorated his very first surface in podium this season. His compatriot Loek Hartog (Black Falcon) took 3rd location. Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland GmbH, followed the race as part of the ADAC GT Masters survive on website and provided the winner’s prizes.

The eventful race included 3 rounds of vehicle security and close-quarter fights. In downpour, pole-sitter Bastian Buus (Partner Championship) won the race to the very first corner in his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, however soon later on he moved off the smooth track onto the gravel bed. 17- year-old Morris Schuring (SSR Huber Racing) took the lead, however needed to commend Larry 10 Voorde (Team GP Elite) minutes later on. The Dutchman managed what was taking place in advance up until the last stage. 2 definitive circumstances happened in the last 2 laps: Porsche junior Laurin Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing) surpassed Pereira and 10 Voorde. The 3 then moved carefully into the very first corner, Heinrich spun after contact and Pereira drove to triumph minutes later on.

911 GT3 Cup, Morris Schuring, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, round 11, Lausitzring, Germany, 2022, Porsche Deutschland GmbH
Morris Schuring’s 911 GT3 Cup

Ten Voorde completed second, however later on got a 30- 2nd time charge for triggering a crash with Heinrich. As an outcome, the 25- year-old was categorized as 23 rd. Second, van Buren made his very first leading 3 surface of the season. “What a race. The damp and slippery track was difficult, however I enjoy driving in the rain,” states van Buren. His Huber Racing group had another factor to commemorate. The race at the Lausitzring was the group’s 100 th Carrera Cup race of Christoph Huber– a turning point for the group from Neuburg am Inn in Bavaria. An overall of 30 various chauffeurs have actually been utilized for the group established in 2016 in the single-stakes cup. Huber Racing’s greatest success up until now in the 2020 season was the total triumph of Larry 10 Voorde.

Hartog got a 3rd location prize. Places behind the Dutchman at the race south of Brandenburg were taken by Daan van Kuijk (Netherlands/GP Elite), Jukka Honkavuori (Finnish/ID Championship) and Bastian Buus (Danish/Allied Championship). Schuring was available in seventh. Huub van Eijndhoven (Netherlands/GP Elite) is the very best artist in 8th location. Heinrich ended up the race in ninth location. “I began the race from seventh location, however I had the ability to pass the group that was leading early and even took the lead quickly prior to completion. Simply prior to the surface, I got into a crash through no fault of my own,” sums up Heinrich. After eleven rounds, the driver from Würzburg is still the leader in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. With 202 points, Heinrich is 10 ahead of Voorde (172 points) and Pereira (165 points).

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ProAm Podium, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, round 11, Lausitzring, Germany, 2022, Porsche Deutschland GmbH
ProAm Forum

In the ProAm class, Jan-Erik Slooten is still in the running for the title. The German from the IronForce Championship and the Phoenix group won the 3.478 km circuit north of Dresden ahead of his 2 associates Kim Hauschild (HRT Performance) and Sören Spreng (Black Falcon).

Sunday likewise guarantees interesting racing action in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. The twelfth round of the season begins at 2: 40 pm regional time– Pereira begins with a great position. NITRO will report live from the Lausitzring from 2: 15 pm The race will likewise be streamed live on the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland YouTube and Facebook channels and in the Porsche Motorsport Hub.

Results of race round 11, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

1. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg/IronForce and Phoenix Racing)
2. Rudy van Buren (Dutch Championship/Huber)
3. Loek Hartog (Netherlands/Black Falcon)
4. Daan van Kuijk (Dutch Elite/GP)
5. Jukka Honkavuori (Finnish Championship/ID)
6. Bastian Buus (Denmark/Allied Racing)
7. Morris Schuring (Netherlands/SSR Huber Racing)
8. Huub van Eijndhoven (Dutch Elite/GP)
9. Laurin Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing)
10 Jan-Erik Slooten (Germany/IronForce Racing by Phoenix)

Full race outcomes outcomes

Score after 11 out of 16 runs

Driver Rating
1. Laurin Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing), 202 points
2. Larry 10 Voorde (Netherlands/Team GP Elite), 172 points
3. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg/IronForce Racing by Phoenix), 165 points

Rookie Rating
1. Lorcan Hanafin (Great Britain/Fach Auto Tech), 213 points
2. Huub van Eijndhoven (Netherlands/GP Elite), 189 points
3. Alexander Fach (Switzerland/Fach Auto Tech), 158 points

ProAm scores
1. Jan-Erik Slooten (Germany/IronForce Racing by Phoenix), 218 points
2. Carlos Rivas (Luxembourg/Black Falcon), 196 points
3. Soren Spreng (Germany/Black Falcon), 147 points

group rating
1. SSR Huber Racing, 333 points
2. GP Elite Team, 266 points
3. Partner Tournament, 203 points


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