New Piaseczno. Slipped BMW, harmed indications. He will pay a high fine

The event occurred in Piaseczno. The 25- year-old male slipped initially on the street, then in the parking area of a shop. He was fined for his careless habits and harmful driving, cops stated.

The authorities in Piaseczno revealed that on Saturday on Jarząbka street “a 25- year-old BMW driver provided his bravery behind the wheel”.

Several indications and marketing masts were harmed

” He ruined a couple of indications and a marketing mast, and lastly wound up in the parking area in front of among the shops. A breath test revealed that the 25- year-old was sober”– notified the authorities. As stressed, the driver needed to pay a fine of PLN 1,500 for his reckless habits and hazardous driving, and likewise lost his registration file.

As the authorities head office in Piaseczno remembered in socials media, “drift is a strategy of driving an automobile in a skid managed by the name of a vehicle video game”. “However, revealing such abilities, specifically for young motorists on public roadways, postures a clear danger to other roadway users. This kind of habits is undesirable to most of society”– worried the cops.

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The occurrence taken place in Wołoska Mateusz Szmmelter/

Main image source: Piaseczno Police

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