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New POL-MA: Hockenheim/Rhein-Neckar-Kreis– traffic mishap and accident on the B39

Mannheim Police Headquarters

Hockenheim/Rhein-Neckar district (ots)

On Friday, September 23, 2022, around 2: 45 p.m., a traffic mishap including accidents happened on the B39, from Speyer to Hockenheim, quickly after the crossway with the Hoba business. A 50- year-old guy strolled into approaching traffic, potentially as an outcome of negligence, with his Chrysler vehicle and hit an approaching Ford, skidding and lastly striking a guard rail with another vehicle (VW). The 35- year-old Ford driver was not able to prevent the crash in spite of using the emergency situation brake and incredibly elusive maneuvers. Due to the roadway mishap, the B39 needed to be momentarily closed in both instructions. As an outcome of the mishap, there was likewise a leak of running resources in the Ford vehicle included. In the scenarios, the fire brigade likewise needed to be contacted us to eliminate it. The individual who triggered the mishap and the driver of the Ford suffered small injuries. The Chrysler and Ford were both disarmed due to the crash and likewise needed to be hauled. The other afflicted VW stayed drivable.

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Mannheim Police Headquarters
Deputy PvD
Christian Stengel
Phone: 0621 174-1111

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