New POL-PDKL: BMW triggered a major traffic mishap and escaped

Kaiserslautern Police Department

A6 Kaiserslautern (ots)

On Saturday afternoon there was a severe traffic mishap on the A6 roadway towards Saarbrücken. The formerly unidentified driver of a black BMW with German license plates obviously drove onto the Autobahn at high speed at the West crossway and right away altered lanes to the. There he overlooked the 23- year-old jeep driver and looked after him. As an outcome, the jeep skidded, clashed initially with the right-hand crash barrier, then with the VW Golf driving on the far left, and after that with the center crash barrier. Another vehicle was harmed by flying particles. After the accident, the BMW left the scene without thinking about the damage or those included. The locals of Golf all suffered small injuries as an outcome of being struck by the jeep. These cars were not roadworthy and needed to be hauled. Throughout the recording of the mishap, the roadway was satisfactory just one method for about 2 hours, which triggered a long traffic congestion. Witnesses to the mishap who can mention the BMW that was fleing are asked to get in touch with the cops.

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Kaiserslautern Police Department
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