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New Pole in Skoda Superb penalizes everybody en route. “It has 500 KM, the Bavarians have no chance” (video)

We do not associate Skoda cars with stylish sensations. And specifically bigger designs like Kodiaq or Superb, which can boast, above all, great efficiency.

As it occurs, the owners of a number of cars can conceal their dark-dark cars under the skin of a little “beast”. This holds true with the Superba video displayed in the connected video.

> Joyful Janusz from Superba went to the track on holiday. Did rule out that they would be quick (video)

We are dealing here with an automobile powered by a 2.0 liter fuel engine. It left the display room as a 280 horse power, more effective variation with Laurin & Klement devices.

There were, nevertheless, some really crucial modifications under the hood. There is, to name a few things, a brand-new turbocharger and transmission from the Audi RS3. With other modifications, it was possible to reach 480 horse power.

This is a really “safe” setting to avoid unneeded mistakes. The engine is more capable and you can squeeze more than 500 horses out of it with no issue.

> Guy intimidates the city in a Skoda Superb Kombi. “Some individuals believe it’s an Audi RS6” (video)

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Looking at the Czech household station wagon from the outdoors, you would never ever believe that it is a really quick automobile. More than one cars owner will be amazed when running under the lights.


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