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New Police report August 30: truck reversed, Lexus taken, canvas cutter– news from Leipzig

Leaving the scene of a mishap without approval

Location: Groitzsch (Pödelwitz), Schleenhain open-pit parking lot, time: 08/28/22 in between 1: 00 pm and 10: 30 pm

Probably throughout the outdoors celebration on Sunday, a traffic mishap took place in the parking lot of the outdoors mine. A black Honda cars and truck that was partly parked in the middle of the car park was struck by an unidentified vehicle in a big location on the guest side. There was residential or commercial property damage of around 3,500 euros. The unidentified driver did not recognize himself and left the scene of the mishap without consent.

The authorities have actually begun an examination and are now searching for witnesses who can supply info about the mishap. You are asked for to report to Borna police headquarters, Grimmaer Straße 1a in 04552 Borna, Tel. (03433) 244 -0 Report to.

The truck reversed

Location: BAB 14 towards Magdeburg, in between AS Leipzig-Ost and Leipzig Nordost, time: 08/30/2022, around 07: 45 am

The driver (63) of the semi-trailer truck was driving on the Autobahn 14 towards Magdeburg. In between the junctions Leipzig-Ost and Leipzig-North-East, he left the ideal lane for an unidentified factor, clashed with the right-hand guard, went into a ditch and then rolled to the. The driver suffered major injuries and was required to healthcare facility by rescue helicopter, where he was confessed.

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The quantity of home damage is presently unidentified. Apart from the authorities and rescue services, a typical commissioner and a specialist from DEKRA have actually likewise been released. Throughout of the rescue procedures, the Autobahn 14 towards Magdeburg needed to be totally closed from 7: 50 a.m. to 9: 15 a.m. A partial closure of the highway is presently needed to recuperate the truck.

The thief was jailed

Place: Bad Düben, time: 08/29/2022, around 8: 00 pm

Four guys went into the grocery store last night. They by force opened the display screen case in which bottles of pricey alcohol were sealed. The suspects then kept a number of bottles of alcohol worth over 3 figures in their bags. The shop inspector saw this and attempted to stop the males. He handled to detain among the suspects (22, Georgian).

Others got away however left bags consisting of taken items in the market. Residential or commercial property damage of around 1,00 0 euros was triggered at the program. The 22- year-old kid was jailed on the orders of the Leipzig public district attorney’s workplace, processed for recognition and required to authorities custody. The authorities have actually begun an examination.

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Theft in junk food

Place: Leipzig, time: August 29, 2022, in between 2: 24 am and 4: 00 am

Unknown individuals assaulted a junk food store last night by breaking a moving window and going into through it. They powerfully opened the workplace door. They attempted to enter the safe, however stopped working. An effort to eliminate the safe likewise stopped working. The suspects then left.

It is not yet understood for sure if anything else was taken. Home damage was approximated at around 15,00 0 euros, as electronic systems and the wall around the safe were greatly harmed. The authorities have actually discovered proof and began the examination of an especially major case of theft.

Theft in the garage

Place: Markranstädt, time: 08/27/2022, around 2: 00 pm to 08/29/2022, around 7: 00 am

Unknown individuals by force got to the garage of the furnishings shop, which included numerous transportation and assembly lorries. They took a great deal of various tools and little devices from the automobiles. The quantity of damage arising from theft remains in the mid-four-digit variety. Home damage might not be precisely computed. The authorities have actually released an examination into a severe burglary case.

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Stolen copper cable television

Place: Böhlen, time: August 26, 2022, around 3: 30 pm to August 29, 2022, 5: 30 am

During the set duration, unidentified individuals got in the building and construction website, and later on got to the basement of Reko’s home and took copper cable televisions. The product damage triggered can not yet be completely measured. Robbery damage remains in the high four-digit variety. The cops have actually begun an examination into the suspicions of a severe burglary case.

Lexus taken

Place: Leipzig (central-east), Sternwartestrasse, time: August 28, 2022, around 8: 00 pm to August 29, 2022, 1: 30 pm

Unknown individuals took a black Toyota Lexus RX450 H that was securely parked. The vehicle had registration number L-IL 1001 and a worth in the high five-digit variety. Authorities have actually taken the vehicle for questioning and are examining a grand theft case.

canvas cutter

Location: BAB 14 towards Dresden, Muldental-Süd, time: in between 08/29/2022, 11: 00 pm and 08/30/2022, 04: 15 am

Unknown individuals cut the canvas of a semi-trailer that was parked on the Autobahn 14 at the Muldental-Süd tank and rest location. The suspects then took 2 tool boxes from the fort. The complete level of the theft and the quantity of home damage that took place is not yet understood. The authorities have actually introduced an examination into the presumed gang break-ins.


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