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New Raser from HSK escapes from the motorbike authorities and drags him

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The bike cops wished to manage the Peugeot 206 (image of the indication). © Michael Gstettenbauer/Imago

A Peugeot driver from HSK struck a cops motorbike near Wuppertal and dragged the cops with it. He rapidly left.

Radevormwald/Wuppertal– The driver desired a cops examine Wednesday early morning (August 24). NRW he got away and struck an authorities bike while doing so. A policeman was dragged numerous meters and hurt. The driver had the ability to leave in his black Peugeot206 The cops are chasing after the speeder with terrific pressure, reports 24 RHEIN

Radevormwald/Wuppertal: Raser flights a cops bike

The occurrence took place around 9: 55 remain in the border location in between Radevormwald ( Oberberg district) and Wuppertal The bike cop wished to examine the Peugeot 206 that was coming towards him on the narrow junction. The Peugeot driver then used the brakes and put the cars and truck in reverse. He then ran in reverse at high speed, according to authorities.

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The cop chased him. Then the Peugeot driver stopped once again and unexpectedly sped forward once again– straight towards the bike cops. He struck the motorbike and the officer was up to the ground. “The driver, who is approximated to be 35 years of ages, then drove over the bike pushing the roadway through a close-by embankment,” cops continued.

Raser rams an authorities bike– a hurt cop in the medical facility

The law enforcement officer is stated to have actually gotten in the vehicle through the open window to get the ignition secret. The Peugeot driver pushed the gas so hard that the officer was dragged numerous meters and then fell on the roadway. The law enforcement officer was required to healthcare facility with small injuries. The driver of the Peugeot, who likewise had a guest, according to the authorities, handled to get away.

The cops right away looked for the cars and truck, however were not able to discover it. The driver is approximated to be about 35 years of ages. The Peugeot had the city code HSK (of Hochsauerlandkreis) on the license plate. Authorities will take pointers on 02261 81990.

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A comparable event had actually currently taken place in Herford in July. At that time he had Motorcyclists in Herford left authorities checks to desire He faced a policeman who was seriously hurt. After an extensive search, the male was jailed. ( bs/ots)


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