New Renault Group with an earnings of nearly one billion euros in 2021. 15 brand-new designs prepared

Renault Group with a profit of almost one billion euros in2021 15 new models planned

Renault made a profit in 2021 that reached almost one billion euros. The group wants to introduce 15 new models to the market and increase its share, including by leveraging partnerships within individual brands. Good results are a solid foundation for future development – said Luca de Meo, head of the concern.

More than EUR 967 million in 2021 is the profit of the Renault group, according to the official announcement. This is the result of initiating a cost-cutting program and focusing on high-quality models. “All this is the result of titanic efforts over the past 18 months,” said Luca de Meo. “Renault Group significantly exceeded its financial targets for 2021, despite the impact of semiconductor shortages and rising raw material prices.”

Surprisingly, about 85 percent of the vehicles presented were high-end models, chosen with great interest by customers. This allowed to increase revenue and profit. Improving productivity was also of great importance. Last year’s rate was 3.6% and this year’s plan is 4%.

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In 2021, sales reached EUR 46.2 billion. Almost a third of the cars sold in Europe last year were hybrids. The group also has ambitious plans. By 2025, the company plans to launch 15 new electric vehicles on the market. From 2030, only electric cars will be produced.

We are very pleased with the good results of the Renault group. We will post more information about this soon.

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