New Reutlingen blue light report, August 12, 2022: Scammed through messenger service; call an ambulance; A severe traffic mishap

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Cheating through a messenger service; call an ambulance; A severe traffic mishap


Ostfildern (ES): Hacked through carrier service

On Thursday, crooks fooled a male from Ostfildern out of a four-figure amount by means of the WhatsApp messaging service. Throughout the day, the 71- year-old got a message from an unidentified telephone number where the sender pretended to be his kid. The victim was additional led to think that immediate expenses needed to be paid. When the wrongdoers required more cash and the victim called her genuine boy, the rip-off was exposed. (km)

Tübingen (TÜ): He approached the ambulance

There was a crash in between a vehicle and an ambulance on Friday early morning at the crossway in between Keplerstrasse and Brunnenstrasse. The 69- year-old driver of the Citroen wished to turn from Keplerstrasse to Brunnenstrasse around 9: 45 am He did not focus on the 49- year-old lady who wished to cross the roadway with her wheelchair. The 2 automobiles clashed triggering the 49- year-old guy to fall and sustain small injuries. He was required to the healthcare facility by ambulance. Residential or commercial property damage total up to around 1,500 euros. (sr.)

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Balingen (ZAK): Fatal traffic mishap

Three individuals were seriously hurt in a traffic mishap on Thursday night on the B463 Around 8: 20 pm, a 21- year-old male was driving a BMW 2 series on the highway from Haigerloch to Bisingen. At the entryway to B 27, he desired to turn. This triggered a crash with the approaching Citroen of a 22- year-old male. As an outcome of the accident, the vehicle that triggered the mishap relied on the left and struck the VW Polo of a 60- year-old male who was standing at the crossway. Which a mishap The reason for the mishap, his 32- year-old guest and the 22- year-old driver of the Citroen suffered major injuries. According to initial outcomes, the driver of the VW was not hurt. Rescuers with an ambulance and 3 ambulances went to the mishap website to take care of the hurt. THW came to the scene to light up the mishap scene and close the roadway. As the operating devices dripped, employees from the roadway upkeep department likewise needed to transfer to the mishap website to clear the roadway. The B 463 needed to be totally closed in this location up until prior to 11 pm. The BMW and Citroen were no longer roadworthy and needed to be pulled. (ms)

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This report was sent out by the cops head office in Reutlingen on August 12, 2022, at 8: 16 am.

Statistics of mishaps and injuries in roadway traffic in the previous 3 years

In the state Baden-Württemberg there was a year 2020 of an overall of 32,204 roadway mishaps including accidents 330 deaths and 39,620 hurt. There has actually been a minor down pattern in traffic mishaps taped by the cops throughout Germany over the last few years. In 2020, an overall of 2,245,245 mishaps took place traffic on the roadway 2,685,661 cases in 2019 and 2,636,468 cases in2018 This circumstance can likewise be observed in the variety of mishaps including injuries. In 2020, there were 264,499 mishaps in which individuals were hurt, and an overall of 3,046 individuals were eliminated. In 2018, 3,275 deaths were taped out of 308,721 mishaps including injuries.

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