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New Rhine Transport: The Kaub basic boosts to 37 centimeters– Economy & & Volkswagen– News

The water level in the Kaub in between Mainz and Koblenz, which is necessary for delivering on the Rhine, increases once again quickly after a low day. According to the Federation of Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV), on Thursday afternoon (at 1: 00) it was 37 centimeters– 3 centimeters more than the exact same time the previous day. According to the WSV projection, the water level might increase to 67 centimeters by Monday.

This reading does not suggest the real water depth. According to WSV, the depth of the highway near Kaub was 1.46 meters on Thursday. The worth is lower than in any other part of the Middle and Lower Rhine. It figures out just how much freight ships can bring. “Generally, the water levels are at the typical low water level,” stated the authority.

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Kaub in Rhineland-Palatinate is a crucial user interface for shipping on the Rhine. The water levels there are of specific value since the river is really shallow at this time. Due to the low water, which has actually been going on for weeks, the barges need to consider the ship’s draft when packing and can transfer less freight.

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