New Rolls-Royce Ghost II– test, driving report, evaluations

Isolation from all worldly things

The door closes as if by magic. Pushing the button begins the V12 engine and what follows is– silence. There is absolutely nothing more motivating in this day and age than in a Rolls Royce sit. Does it seem like a years? That’s how it is. Those who can manage it likewise get a castle on wheels with “Baby-Rolls”, thanks to 100 kg of extra insulating product and double glazing practically totally separated from the outdoors world. The rate of a high-end vehicle? When it comes to the test automobile, an optimum of 339,425 euros plus VAT (Rolls Royce Ghost integrated fuel usage: 15.7-152 l/100 km; integrated CO2 emissions: 358-347 g/km) ².

Rolls Royce Ghost Cockpit

Do you own a home or a high-end cars and truck?

So the concern emerges: your own home or a high-end automobile? When it comes to the 2nd generation Rolls-Royce Ghost, it can be plainly composed that it has more leather and genuine wood in the interior than other brand-new spaces. Sheepskin flooring mats alone cost a dreadful great deal of cash and with animals and fossils (however more on that later), the honorable Englishman is definitely ideal as a board cars and truck for an environmental management company. They have actually likewise found sustainable products and even electrical energy at Rolls-Royce. The end will take time.

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Rolls Royce Ghost Engine

efficiency in abundance

Until then, it’s time to take pleasure in the custom. 6.75 liter transfer, not clean water! The cars and truck’s tester admire the twin turbo battery chargers in the engine compartment. Efficiency? With 571 horse power and 850 Newton meters of torque sufficient. And constantly. Despite whether it is at 50 or 150 km/h, the thrust of the V12 is strong and even beats some electrical high-end cars. Not that the 4.8 seconds from absolutely no to 100 km/h is the choosing element for purchasing the Ghost, however the method the Rolls runs when in doubt is fantastic. The optimum speed is digitally restricted to 250 km/ h.

Rolls Royce Ghost Side

A muscle cars and truck made in England

A parallel to the old American muscle automobile can be seen in the cavalier start, which ought to be prevented. The body increases in the very same method that it looks, the steady state of the adjustable air suspension called “Magic Carpet” does not even require to eliminate versus the motions of downhill and rolling and the Englishman’s steering is likewise smooth and indirect. The V12 raises its volume at a really low level, however unlike V8 cars from overseas, there are no indications of smoke possible with the Ghost– thanks to the four-wheel drive. An extra destination is a visible boost in security, where the basic all-wheel steering when turning attempts to take the most external measurements.

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Rolls Royce Ghost Interior Seats

Only the very best within

However, to presume that the Roho, with a length of 5.55 meters and a turning circle of around 13 meters, has actually shown to be simple to deal with would not be the exact same as the fact. And yet: Despite the in some cases severe wealth, the high-end sedan handles to provide a light-footed driving enjoyment. Integrating intricacy is likewise effective in internal affairs. Open-pore walnut, Lavalina leather as far as the eye can see and lovely usage of metal affirm to the high level of workmanship at the head office in Crewe, where the now-defunct BMW iDrive system has actually been flawlessly incorporated with. unobtrusively incorporated into the interior decoration environment.

Rolls Royce Ghost Front Stars

Starry sky and automated doors

Details such as the stellar sky (with the work of flying stars), which cost more than 13,000 euros, or the Ghost text highlighted above the control panel reveal a terrific love of information, a consistency that can be established from the ornamental joints of the leather to the connection. of hot umbrella holders on the back entrances. Obviously, the doors themselves no longer need to be run by hand and can be opened and closed immediately. To guarantee that this constantly operates in the exact same method on sloped parking lot, G sensing units are linked to the doors, which makes sure that the very same force is constantly utilized when working.

Rolls Royce Ghost interior rear seats

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Fine criticism over 400,000 euros

Are there likewise criticisms of this declaration of 400,000 euros? Well, if you do not purchase private rear seats with a champagne cooler, you’ll get plastic beverage holders for a workable rate rather. The analog environment control does not understand the real temperature level, however can just be run by sensation and after that there is the fuel usage, which reduced by 18 liters per 100 kilometers throughout the test days. Naturally, this must not matter to elite consumers, they might be more troubled by the little fuel tank with a volume of just 83 liters.

The back road of the Rolls Royce Ghost


The high-end of self-driving! The 2nd generation Rolls-Royce Ghost is persuading in spite of its measurements and weight, with an extremely outstanding driving efficiency. The 6.75- liter biturbo V12 stays the criteria for all things engine building and leaves no space for conventional English powertrains. The interior shines with glamorous products, first-class workmanship and excellent attention to information. The outrageous cost and out-of-date energy worths are hints that are not likely to have any importance to Ghost’s target audience. (Text and pictures: Thomas Vogelhuber)

Technical information *

  • Example: Rolls Royce Ghost II
  • Engine: 12- cylinder gas engine, 6,749 cc
  • Performance: 571 hp (420 kW) at 5,000 rpm
  • Torque: 850 Nm at 1,600 rpm
  • Run: All-wheel drive, 8-speed automated
  • Common usages: 15.7-152 L/100 km ²
  • CO2 emissions consist of: 358-347 g/km ²
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 4.8 s
  • Top speed: 245 km/h
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 5.55 m/1.98 m/1.57 m
  • Weight: about 2,600 kg
  • Car rate test: 403,91575 euros

Manufacturer’s details


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