New Skoda Favorit– feedback from the very first riders in 1987

The discussion of the brand-new Skoda has actually unquestionably been the greatest emphasize of this year’s Brno ’87 Show. There was nobody who would not invest even a couple of minutes learning more about the brand-new Czechoslovakian cars that were rolling around on the platforms. Reporters had the chance to be familiar with them much better. In the atrium of Motokov’s workplace was a brand name brand-new red Skoda. You can take a close take a look at it, even sit behind the wheel, however you understand, a vehicle is finest evaluated when driving.

Jiri Petrak from the Motokov Office in Warsaw guaranteed to assist me with this. On the 2nd day of the Exhibition, I got an unique authorization enabling me to drive a Skoda Favorit. At 11.30 we were expected to be at the Grand Prix track near Brno.

At the selected time, we reach the location of the primary stand. We leave our Skoda 120 on the roadway for service and go to the stop where a couple of individuals and 2 Skodas are waiting, however …105 Worry, I’m coming better. They notify me that a brand-new Skoda is driving on the track. While applauding the tune, I hear the noises of a cars and truck coming quickly. He comes out around the left corner and rapidly leaps behind me in a straight line.

So I am patiently waiting on the arrival, as the Czechs call it “novinki” from Mlada Boleslav, which is driven by among the Japanese entrepreneurs.

At this time, I’m taking a look at the tune. It is likewise brand-new. It was introduced in June this year, and the very first competitors was kept in August. The course, with a length of more than 5 kilometers, is various, from 370 to 448 meters. And these bends, there are 14 of them in overall; 6 left, 8.

It’s lastly my turn. The design I will be driving has a tilting window in the roofing system, which is really helpful in the dominating heat. Taking a look at Skoda, I make certain that the front frame does not fit well and whole. The silver color, nevertheless, provides the body design.

I enter the automobile with Jiri. I attempt to take my seat and take a look at the roadway. The Skoda speeds up well, far better than the 105 we drove a while back. The engine runs silently, just the noise of the air flowing is heard. In part, this is because of the window in the roofing.

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In doglegs, our Favoritka, as we called her a little, flexes down a lot. This is an outcome of the absence of front controls. In straight lines, nevertheless, it right away goes back to stability. I attempt to get it as quickly as possible. Sharp turns stop me.

The roadway goes up, then the slope goes down once again, then it turns greatly, as soon as to the right, then to the. It is really challenging to speed up the cars and truck there effectively. I go into straight in front of the primary stop, there is a chance to examine the motions of this automobile. I just have a watch, it will not change a stop-watch, however you can determine it approximately.

We stand at the start of the longest straight. We settled on the approach of measurement. I count down: 3, 2,1. start. Skoda begins. Jiri moves the equipment lever as quick as possible and marks the speedometer needle as it passes the numbers 40, 60, and so on every 20 km/h. I check out the time and rapidly tape-recorded the outcomes. Skoda is actually strong, speeding up from 0 to 40 in 4 seconds, to 60 in 7, 80– 9 and as much as 100 km/ h in 13 seconds. It is more nimble than Samara with the exact same capability engine. This is its benefit, not to discuss ending up the interior.

After a couple of rounds, we make a modification. I change the seat plan, which comes quickly as in other Skoda designs. The contoured rear wheels hold the guiding wheel well when cornering, the belts are of the inertial type. The interior looks extremely roomy, after all, the engine remains in the front.

I feel that the guiding wheel is too little, however it is chosen so that I can see all the indications completely while driving. The switches under it are as useful as in older designs, however you need to get utilized to them. On the ideal side there is a switch for washers and wipers, on the left side there is a sound signal and a light switch. I examine their place. The hardest to reach interior light switch is on the board in its upper left corner. The others are on the best side under the air consumption.

Initially, I believed that the clutch and brake pedals were too close together, however I altered my mind while driving. I have the danger of getting in a sharp corner rapidly, at 80 km/ h. The Skoda leans in, however I do not see it in the very same method as when I was driving as a traveler. From the corner of my eye, I see my next-door neighbor withstand. I believe he feels the exact same method I did when I was sitting beside the driver. The tires squeal, however the effective front wheels pull the vehicle in a straight instructions. I attempt to walk around, the Skoda carefully knocks, modifications instructions, however the tires adhere to the surface area.

Brake test time. I push the pedal to the flooring. The vehicle stops nearly right away, the brand-new brakes and lightweight do their task. The front end dives a bit, however not in a manner that I would be moving forward at speed.

When taking a dogleg, I decrease the equipment. It is extremely basic. I still keep in mind the taste of the 105, which I have actually been driving for numerous years. Obviously, designers from Mlada Boleslav like “females’s” cars, as Skoda is normally called, since of the ease of driving them. A series of sharp bends require you to alter equipments often. The transmission has 5 equipments in the typical plan, and 5 in the upper best position, the lever strokes are brief.

I reach the longest chain as soon as again, I attempt to arrive speed once again. One hundred, 10, one hundred and twenty, and the roadway turns to the. At the end of the test, the speed is too expensive to securely get in a flat corner. All I understand is that the Skoda reaches 120 km/h rather quickly. What is the scope– it is tough to state. You should think the main info that it is 150 km/ h.

One more lap of the track and I make the turn onto the pit roadway. I make a cycle, then 8. The steering can be turned with excellent ease, it rapidly goes back to the neutral position, however this is likewise thanks to the front wheel drive. The optimum turning of the wheels requires to turn about 1.5 turns. 8 more, one right, one left, and I reach the beginning point.

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I take a look at the vehicle more carefully once again. Noteworthy are mirrors on both sides of the body, which can be altered from inside the cabin, as in current Polonaises. Their surface area is likewise comparable to that of our cars and truck mirrors. They make it simple to return, and the back is really trained, although the A-pillars are firm. It’s difficult to fault anything for the front and side view. The front pillars are narrow while the center pillars bend towards the back of the automobile.

Putting the extra wheel under the trunk is certainly not an ideal option. It is safeguarded by a fuel tank, big for a vehicle of this class, with a capability of 47 dm3. 3 It’s simply a pity that the interior of the boot has a simple appearance, without side covers.

Look under the hood. There is a great deal of area there, even the battery can be two times as huge as it is presently utilized, a minimum of this is the basis of its positioning. simply to examine if the great grip was not due to making use of unique tires? No. There are 13- inch Barum 165/70 tires on the wheels.

But it’s time to bid farewell. I enter 120 and drive a couple of more laps. There is no contrast! The engine of the old design is easier, however the speed is even worse. 3 seconds more when speeding up to 100 km/ h is a lot, and in a climbing up vehicle you can plainly see the benefit of its predecessor. The brand-new Skoda is a totally various automobile. It has an opportunity to end up being a preferred.

Text: Jerzy Borkowski; “Motor” 43/1987


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