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New Skoda Octavia RS 245 KM– it’s brilliant, however is it enough?

The undeniable queen of the business’s cars and truck fleet. Today I will provide her in more “sports clothing”. Does the Skoda Octavia RS measure up to expectations?

Skoda Octavia RS– outside

The 4th, newest generation of Octavia, which we can appreciate from 2020, has actually taken this automobile above the competitors. Large, comfy and distinctive due to the well-drawn lines of the body, it is searched for by business and personal consumers. This is the vehicle that business owners typically utilize to increase their fleet. The handling, efficiency and even the sense of high-end in this popular vehicle suggests you do not wish to leave it, even after numerous kilometers on the roadway. I had the satisfaction of evaluating the “sports” variation and when asked if I like it, I will address: easy yes!

The Skoda Octavia RS, which I had the ability to evaluate for a couple of days, is remarkable in numerous aspects. Let’s face it, cars from the Czech producer’s brand name do not excite much adoration. In the case of the checked vehicle, it is totally various. Blood red and black devices stand out of passers-by who rely on take a look at the brand-new Octavia in such a stunning setup.

RS vs “standard” Octavia.

The distinction in between the routine Octavia and the RS variation is simply cosmetic. I support this concept of the designers who did not slip too much when “repairing” the video game variation. It is the subtle devices and designer tastes that make this cars and truck a wonderful plate of cars.

True air consumption on the modified bumper, ailerons on the tailgate, exhaust ideas and 19- inch rims include visual aspects to the Octavia, while staying fairly directly.

Length 470 cm, width 183 cm and height 146 cm are the numbers that reveal the measurements of Octavia. These numbers can be felt just when we take among the unique seats for travelers. Nobody needs to grumble about the absence of area, and the Skoda Octavia RS fits completely into the group of “quick household cars”.

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Skoda Octavia RS– interior devices

The interior of the Octavia RS will impress the most requiring clients. The desire to raise the requirement of the compact automobile is quickly seen here. Inside, you can even seem like you remain in the very first vehicle. All thanks to the quality of the products utilized and the viability of specific parts. There are very few distinctions in the interior in between the “civilian” Octavia and the one with the RS note, however these are fascinating “tastes”.

The sports variation is geared up with sports seats and an appealing style. The seats have great lateral assistance and an incorporated headrest. I typically approach “sports” seats with some care. In some cases sports seats are not “friendly” for chauffeurs with large backs and the corner of the seat strikes the back painfully. Here we have adequate area to “unwind” and even after numerous hours behind the wheel our back is insufficient.

The main part of the control panel is controlled by a big screen, which is a vital part of the multimedia system and standard settings. It was chosen to lower the variety of manual buttons, leaving those that trigger specific tabs on the primary screen.

There can be no objection to the multimedia system. Whatever is going efficiently and plainly. The driver, in addition to the touch screen, can manage the multimedia utilizing the multifunction wheel. The master has a digital screen, thanks to which you can examine travel information or details about the vehicle.

Skoda Octavia RS, regardless of being categorized as a compact vehicle, can possess great area for guests. Rear seat travelers ought to not grumble about absence of area. The baggage compartment with a capability of 600 liters is an excellent outcome. It advises that the Octavia RS is a liftback. The tailgate opens with a back window for simple loading.

Driving experience

What is enthusiastic about the insanity of universal electrical energy circulation is the truth that not everybody wishes to comply with what is set from above. And from this, we have the possibility to select in between 3 kinds of engines in this stunning cars and truck with the description “RS”. To the pleasure of old-school fans, the Skoda Octavia RS is coming 3 types The very first, evaluated, gas engine with a capability of 245 HP. The other is a routine diesel, which can boast a power of 200 KM and, according to the maker, brings in the attention of those who like to take a trip fars away without regular sees to the station.

For those who are encouraged of the environmental elements of owning a hybrid cars and truck, the producer has actually provided a system with an electrical system. In this case, the 1.4 gas engines will be helped by plugging into the electrical hybrid system with an overall power of 240 HP. The option is understood, for instance, from Skoda Superb iV which Kamil attempted a long time ago

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But let’s return to our hero today. The Skoda Ocavia RS, which I provide, has a 2.0 TSI fuel engine with 245 KM and 370 Nm of torque. All power goes to the front axle and is handled by a DSG automated transmission. It takes 6.7 seconds to go to the very first hundred. How do these numbers operate in practice?

In reality, I believed more than the power of this cars and truck. Velocity while driving is smooth, even in highway conditions Skoda Octavia RS presses “excellent”. Throughout my weekly test, the weather condition was sadly bad. Regular rains made the pitch not entirely dry, which led to a below-average arise from the departure treatment. The wheels were grinding in location when carrying out “launch control”. At this time, I am amazed by the absence of a 4 × 4 drive. The much heavier Kodiaq RS with the very same engine and power does 0-100 km/ h half a 2nd faster than the Octavia, however with a 4×4.

The video game? Well … not truly

Putting aside the velocity, which is at a typical level, it needs to be confessed that it is tough to discover an aspect that can be connected to the chassis of the vehicle. Skoda Octavia RS has driving modes, and when they alter, the attributes of the vehicle modification. In video game mode, we have a stiffer suspension and more exact steering. Regular mode is enjoyable for long journeys as the suspension works well on irregular surface areas.

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Despite the double exhaust, sadly, we will not get the noise straight from the cars. On the audio front, I can’t assist however point out the most incredible thing about the Octavia RS. Obviously it’s the existence of a speaker that simulates the sound straight from a gurgling V8. It is so phony that it is difficult to listen to it for a long time. Remarkably, this noise can just be heard inside the automobile, outside it is still “regular”. It is likewise fascinating that the microphone switches on in a predefined mode and is shut off after picking the “ECO” mode or tailoring the specific mode.

Burning is great. Octavia can be thought about as a long-distance cars and truck due to the fuel tank of 50 liters. If we deal with the gas pedal with the suitable limitation, we can decrease to the level of 6 liters/ 100 km on the roadway. Driving in the city, where traffic congestion require you to drive all the time, takes in 9 liters of fuel. After covering 800 km, the Skoda Octavia RS took in approximately 7.2 l/ 100 km. We will take a trip more than 600 km on refueling, and for financial driving, the outcome of 700 km is reasonable.

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To conclude, I can state that Skoda Octavia RS is an excellent cars and truck. The Czech producer has actually done an excellent task with the current generation Octavia. The engine variations are so various that everybody will get their “RS”. He might be blessed with a couple of “defects”. In general, it’s an excellent vehicle.


Eye-catching body

Easy to utilize multimedia

Powerful engine, and at the very same time affordable

A big closet


Simulated noise from the speaker

No 4 × 4

Very little “pepper” to be called RS


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