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New Škoda Vision 7S: a household idea in the making

Written by Olivier Duquesne on

With a bird’s eye view diagram, Skoda reveals the Vision 7S design. That will be a seven-seater with a “basic” interior that households can utilize in a possible setup.


Skoda’s most current idea, the Vision 7S, will be released quickly. In preparation for the release, the Czech producer is currently providing some information. The household brand name integrates ideas such as “excellent cars and truck” and “sustainable product interior” however above all: “modular”.

Skoda’s newest idea, which likewise showcases a brand-new style language in one motion, has a brand-new architecture and can bring as much as 7 individuals on board. The interior has an integrated kid seat that is put in the most safe part of the vehicle. In addition, there are holders for multimedia gadgets on the rear seats of the front seats and each seat has a bag.

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Are you driving or standing?

But the most striking function of this electrical household vehicle is the two-way interior. One is the driving plan, which concentrates on ergonomics for the driver, the other is the relaxation mode for rest or charging.

In the latter case, the guiding wheel and control panel slide forward and the very first and 2nd row seats return. In this method, a peaceful environment is developed that increases the sensation of relaxation and convenience when stopping.


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