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New Smart goes nuts on the highway. You do not require to go to Germany to get v-max lawfully (video)

When searching for a little vehicle, it’s worth searching for among the Smarts. With the ForTwo’s style, you can quickly suit practically any parking area.

Such an automobile is the primary character of the connected video. The author does not desire to evaluate its performance and dexterity.

> This is the fastest Smart in the history of the brand name. Accelerate to 100 km/ h much better than BMW M3 (video)

He chose to do a highway test with it. This time, nevertheless, it will not be a journey to Germany on the Autobahn without a speed limitation. It is not essential.

Under the hood of the Smart is a turbocharged gas engine with a capability of 0.6 liters. It produces just 45 horse power and 70 Newton meters of torque.

The producer reveals the velocity time from 0 to 100 km/ h in less than 19 seconds. The optimum speed is just 135 km/ h. That we can reach V-MAX lawfully even on the Polish highway.

> Smart # 1 (2023) authorities. The rear axle gets 272 HP, and you will take a trip 440 km on the battery (video)

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The record author determined the velocity time with a GPS gadget to a hundred and it was even worse than the producer’s claims. Possibly it’s the fault of broader wheels than the serial design.


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