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New Sopot granted for its energy management system! Location at the Smart City Poland Exhibition

1540, 25.102022
Update: 15.46, 25/10/2022

Representatives of the City of Sopot and the Solwen business got today the very first reward for task entitled “Intelligent energy management system for 25 public centers in the city of Sopot.” The award in the Creative Economy classification existed at the Smart City Poland Exhibition, a worldwide exhibit of city innovation in Łódź. The exhibit occurs on October 25-26

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Awards in the Creative Economy classification were offered to jobs and activities to support and promote the regional imaginative economy. The commissioned task, whose execution in Sopot started in April 2018, consisted of the modernization of energy effectiveness of 25 public structures, consisting of 12 schools, 2 theaters, 7 kindergartens and nursery schools, 2 cultural centers, an orphanage and Center for Continuing Education. A contemporary Energy Management System has actually been executed in all structures.


Triple E, this is how you can specify the take advantage of the execution of the energy management system in Sopot. Economy since we pay less for heat, Ecology due to the fact that we release less damaging compounds to the environment and Education since all of us need to find out to conserve for the common good of our world.— he states Marcin Skwierawski, vice president of Sopot

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As part of the task carried out in Sopot, 11 structures were considerably upgraded utilizing Smart City options. Indoor lighting was updated in all 25 structures, solar batteries were set up in 16 structures, and solar setups were set up in 2. Incl. the walls and ceiling were insulated, the insulation of the walls versus wetness was enhanced, the internal doors and windows were changed, and the main heating and domestic warm water systems were improved. The Energy Management System makes it possible for the remote reading of the temperature level in the structures, and after that the control of the heater in such a method that the suitable temperature level inside the spaces is ensured throughout their usage. In the class, the minimum temperature level permitted throughout lessons can not be less than 20 about C, in fitness center 18 about C, in toilet 24 about C, and outside of working hours, the temperature level is immediately decreased to 14 about C.

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The outcome of the work done is a decrease in the usage of heat and electrical energy, which equates straight into lower energy expenses. The environmental result of the execution of the whole task, essential for the citizens, is to lower the emission of greenhouse gases to the environment by 771.31 lots of co2 annually and minimize the main energy intake by more than 3 million kWh each year. The executed options will definitely assist to keep an excellent environment in Sopot.

This job is moneyed by the Regional Operational Plan for the Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014-2021″.

Source: Sopot City Hall

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