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New Stefan Tauf has actually supervised of Audi Tradition considering that in 2015– interview

A basic piece of history becomes part of it: Stefan Tauf runs Auto Union GmbH, called Audi Tradition. Image: Water, Audi

Mr. Tauf, what type of cars and truck do you drive? A hark, I think?
Stefan Tauf: Nope ( laughs) I am presently running an S5 convertible. Prior to that, I drove the Audi e-tron for a long period of time. Attempt yourself how electromobility works. Essentially, we do not provide Horch business cars and truck.

But have you ever remained in such an old automobile?

ears: Yes, just recently, for instance, at the Sachsen Classic classic car conference in mid-August at our “old” Audi home in Zwickau– I was permitted to drive a Horch, Horch 853 A. I appreciated it. These are really effective cars.

As an Audi board member, you definitely do not require to understand how the wires are laid. As the head of Audi Tradition, do you need to have a soft area for classic cars, or is it not essential due to the fact that it’s simply a matter of management?
ears: I do not believe it would have worked without this soft area. In this task you need to have a sense of history and enthusiasm for the brand name. For me personally, history has actually constantly been a huge subject, it resembled that at school.

And brand name enthusiasm should exist rationally, you stated.
ears: Without doubt. It’s about our history, about the Audi custom. This custom returns nearly 150 years and continues to this day. By the method, we are presently including the very first electrical cars to the collection. We are experiencing a modification in the vehicle market that will be of historical significance. It’s truly enjoyable to be there.

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Especially in Audi with the preferred keyword “modification”.
ears: You are ideal about Audi in specific. There have actually likewise been numerous modifications in the past; We definitely have a more eventful history than a lot of other vehicle producers. It kept fluctuating. Our roots return to the 19 th century– with the standard NSU brand name, which is carefully connected with the Audi website in Neckarsulm from the name. August Horch established his business in Saxony at the start of the 20 th century– in 2009 we commemorated our 100 th anniversary. In 1932, 4 brand names were joined to form 4 rings: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer were joined to form Auto Union AG, situated in Chemnitz. After World War II, Auto Union, situated in the zone of Soviet profession, was taken control of and the plants were taken apart. Employees leading west and entering Bavaria; Auto Union GmbH was established here in Ingolstadt in1949 We have actually become part of the Volkswagen Group because 1965, and in the very same year Auto Union introduced a brand-new design, with a four-stroke engine for the very first time because the war, and restored the Audi trademark name. Ultimately, it was promoted to enter into the payroll. And now, with the entry of electromobility, a totally brand-new chapter opens. Naturally, as an Audi Tradition, we need to exist. Due to the fact that the method you take a look at the initial Quattro now, you’ll be taking a look at the very first e-tron in 30 or 40 years.

Has Audi Tradition currently got the very first Audi Formula 1 cars and truck?
ears: ( laughs) If it concerns that, clearly we wish to be on board. If and how and when it comes to that matter needs to and can be chosen by other women and gentlemen.

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Even if that appears cool now– Audi Tradition is not practically gathering and gathering cars.
ears: No obviously not. In general, we are dedicated to keeping the Audi custom. Naturally, numerous understand us through our historical automobile collection, which is offered to the general public in the mobile Audi Museum and where we frequently drive some examples for marketing functions at routine automobile conferences or to reveal them at occasions– like such more just recently. Celebration of Speed at Goodwood the Classic Days in Düsseldorf, at the Olympic Rally ’72 Revival 2022 or at the Monterey Car Week in the United States. Numerous likewise understand us from our extra parts department, which we disperse to our young and old fans. Our numerous jobs likewise consist of keeping the Audi business archive, which we digitized a couple of years back. It’s our task to safeguard hallmark rights. Simply put: we give a license if, for instance, a toy producer wishes to produce an old design of Audi, or we look after it if Horch takes part in a tv production. This will hold true, for instance, with the upcoming season of Babylon Berlin.

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We are presently commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the Audi80 Now you have an exceptional summary of the history of Audi. What is the very best stage for the fans?
ears: The very first Audi 80, which was the “Car of the Year” in 1973, brought numerous ingenious innovations with it and ended up being Audi’s very first million seller, definitely the greatest and crucial cars and truck in the business’s history. Now that you can lastly go out once again and preserve direct contact at occasions, you see once again and once again that there is an extremely high psychological connection to the time of the late seventies and eighties. The time when the Quattro was established and placed on the roadway, when the history of motorsport was composed, is popular to numerous Audi fans. Providing cars from this duration constantly triggers smiles, interest and crowds.


The interview was performed by Markus Schwarz



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