New Stein AG– The taken BMW betrayed him

On the weekend of Saturday night, an unidentified group of assaulters got into 60 cars and a number of basement compartments in Stein im Fricktal. In this context, arrests are now occurring in Mulhouse, France, as revealed on Tuesday by the cantonal cops of Aargau. The wrongdoers had actually taken a BMW X5 from among the impacted underground parking lot in Stein. Its owner was then able to find the vehicle in Mulhouse, whereupon the cantonal authorities right away notified their French coworkers.

The gendarmerie had the ability to figure out the area of the vehicle they were trying to find. Attempting to stop this
The criminals left with the authorities, which caused a pursuit and eventually a mishap on French area. As an outcome, the 2 residents were detained.

A 17- year-old Algerian and a 26- year-old Libyan were detained by French district attorneys. the
The skilled public district attorney’s workplace and the youth district attorney’s workplace of the canton of Aargau have actually opened a criminal examination and sent an extradition demand. It is now clarified to what level the 2 detainees can be connected to the criminal activities dedicated in the lower Fricktal. Lots of cars were likewise burglarized in Rheinfelden and Kaiseraugst recently. The cantonal cops of Aargau have actually begun their examination.

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