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New Susanna Mazzetti’s rally activity “as a driver” starts once again

After being pleased in the function of co-driver in the current Maremma Trophy, the female driver from Prato is back at the wheel of the program’s race in the Zone 6 Rally Cup, beginning this weekend from the Abeti Rally. Constantly with Roger Tuning’s Skoda Fabia R5 and fellow person Andrea Cecchi by his side.

Prato– It will be the forty-year edition of the Rally degli Abeti na Abetone, the 3rd round of the Zone 6 Rally Cup, arranged this weekend, the return race of Susanna Mazzetti as a driver, the very first choice of the program that takes a look at the involvement of the local champion.

The race on the mountains of Pistoia, a consultation that Mazzetti has actually been extremely pleased of, this year proposes, to commemorate the forty editions, a substantially modified path in which the driver of the Prato conference will once again deal with the Skoda Fabia Rally2/R5 driven by Roger Tuning and. beside him is fellow resident Andrea Cecchi.

Mazzetti has actually currently bet the very first time in 2023 in rallies, however as a co-driver, going to win the Maremma Trophy last month with Alessio Santini, being their 2nd experience with the Ford Fiesta WRC “plus” and this year will be his 5th. will be at the start of the montanina, going back to the wheel after a break of nearly a year, having actually raced as a driver for the last time in the 2022 Reggello Race.

So it will be “waiting” for the race, to get the subject of driving a huge automobile in the back by hand all around, and after that continue to get a much better sensation with the Fabia.

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” It has actually just recently been a year because I raced as a rider– remarks Susanna Mazzetti— and to be sincere it was beginning to feel near to me. In the Maremma Trophy I raced in my previous position, eliminating the complete satisfaction of winning with the VRC “plus”, now I’m taking a lesson behind the wheel once again and I wish to devote myself in the staying regional races to accomplish approval. discussion with Fabia. Certainly I think in the contribution of my co-driver Andrea Cecchi and the assistance of the group, RT, with whom there has actually been shared regard and relationship for many years. It will be a specific race, with some brand-new functions for everybody, together with the other “conventional”, it will be enjoyable!

Will go back to run in 2 days amongst the overall of 7 particular actions, 3 are set up for Saturday and 4 for Sunday Two unique phases will be brand-new while utilizing the parts of others” pies” which is currently understood, along with including part of the “LimAbetone” path for the remediation of a specific character and a strong technical-sports result.

Saturday 20 May leave from San Marcello Pistoiese (Piazza Matteotti) at 16.01 to deal with the very first 3 obstacles and the clock, 2 passages on the popular “Torri” (Km. 9.750), the normal path, which will be the very first and 3rd involvement of the day that., while the 2nd test is brand-new, produced to commemorate the collaboration with Dynamo Camp. You will begin simply outside the town of Limestre towards San Marcello, on the SS 66, then instantly deal with the sharp right and continue to climb up the roadway that was formerly an unique phase however in the opposite instructions. When you reach Gavinana, another turn, this time to the left and after that dive downhill till you rejoin the state roadway turn right and reach completion of the actions at eviction of San Marcello. The platform is 4.110 kilometers long. Rivals then close the competitors by getting in a nighttime reset arranged in San Marcello Pistoiese.

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Sunday 21 May The race will reboot at 9.31 and leave for the night rescheduling to deal with 4 other unique phases, 2 of which will be duplicated. One will be the timeless “Piteglio” (eg. 7.320) and the other will be “LimAbetone’s Memory” (eg. 13.300), a mix in between a timed climb and a procession. We will begin from Ponte Sestaione and for about 4 km we will drive half of what was the development of the LimAbetone time climb till then we reach Pianosinatico and dive down into the 2nd part of the pledge, the rally, really unfortunate. and extremely technical. It will likewise be a historical visit with all the heart: the chronometric medical diagnosis will be set up in the pianosinatico and the very best general times will be granted to contemporary and historical cars in addition to the prize called after Mauro Nesti and Fabio Danti. arrival, once again in San Marcello in Piazza Matteotti will be from 16.45

There will be 64.850 kilometers of competitive range out of an overall of 235.990

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