New Suzuki Burgman 400. Looks brand-new, however not rather– TEST

In the past, Suzuki had a really strong position in the motorbike sector. For many years, there were numerous variations of Burgman on the marketplace– from 125 to 650 strong, for which the tune was even made. Yes, you might keep in mind that in 2009, Sidney Polak launched the single “Scooter”, where the primary character is a Suzuki Burgman650 A number of years have actually passed considering that then. Currently, the only offered motorbike of this brand name is the Suzuki Burgman 400 design

Suzuki Burgman 400– TEST. Let’s begin with the catalog

In brief and without eluding. Suzuki Burgman 400 expenses cash minimum PLN 35,900 Do you believe it has adequate devices? Not. A leading windscreen, middle case or heated traps are readily available, however these are more costly choices Suzuki is more pricey than BMW C400 GT! And with all due regard to the Japanese, the Burgman is no rival to the Germans.

Compared to Japanese rivals, it is not the very best. A somewhat weaker (however likewise lighter) Honda Forza 350, with, for example, electrical windscreen change, expenses … more than PLN 7,000 less. That’s about 20% of the rate distinction.

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Compared to the competitors, storage locations are likewise typical. The one under the bed is little, the size of one hat. It may be enough, however it might utilize some additional area. If you take a trip typically, eg with a knapsack, you will need to take a knapsack or purchase a medium case.

On the other hand, you will discover 2 concealing locations under the guiding wheel. The left side is little, not really deep, since it likewise conceals the battery. On the best side, the glove box is big and has a 12 V socket. The drawback is that my iPhone can fit in there, even if it’s placed diagonally.

Suzuki Burgman 400– TEST. Convincing for convenience, however not for ergonomics

The riding position is comfy and common for scooters. The bed is likewise a huge benefit, as it provides the driver extra back assistance. Throughout a long journey, its existence is really crucial There is lots of legroom, although high individuals might grumble about the angles of the straight-legged platforms.

After resting on the couch, we see normal analog clocks in front of our eyes The computer system display screen on the board is the exact same “traditional”. It is in between the speedometer and the tachometer. It is little and grayscale. It likewise offers a little bit of info and it appears as if time has actually stopped at Suzuki about a years back.

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And here we concern ergonomics. The abovementioned display screen is run by 2 buttons near the instrument cluster. This implies that while driving, it is not safe to alter your mind. Linking to a mobile phone? Do not anticipate that at Burgman.

For him The remainder of the switches are where they must be, and nobody at Suzuki has actually attempted to transform the wheel. I like the brake help. Beside the ignition switch is a lever that can be pulled by hand. A really useful thing not just when parking, however even when driving in the city. With one argument we can “stop” Burgman at the traffic control and do not fret that he will wish to move Launching stated brake is really simple and extremely fast.

Suzuki Burgman 400– efficiency

The very first thing you discover when you open the lever is the sound. When speeding up, the noise from the muffler is really loud and insistent Absolutely no happiness in it. Velocity itself is great, although you can plainly feel that the specifications of the Burgman engine are developed for city driving. Optimum torque (35 Nm) and power (less than 30 hp) are offered in the lower rev variety. This permits the Burgman 400 to gain ground well up to around 80 km/h. Beyond this worth, it plainly deteriorates and does not supply convenience for taking a trip on highways or highways.

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In the Suzuki city, it takes in about 4.5 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. Considering that the tank has an excellent capability of 13.5 liters, you will not require to intensify frequently.

Suzuki Burgman 400– TEST. It leads

I like Suzuki’s on-road habits. It flights with confidence and uses a lot of grip in the fastest corners On the other hand, the chassis handles to get a great deal of bumps.

At high speed it is likewise steady, and the air rush is well compensated by the fairing and windscreen.

Suzuki Burgman 400 TEST

Maneuverability and dexterity are common of a bike of this size You can quickly squeeze into traffic congestion in between cars, however the Vespa is far from nimble.


The Suzuki Burgman 400 dissatisfied me a bit. Its high cost is not shown in the quality of work, products or efficiency. It’s a comfy scooter, however mid-range instead of high-end, as the price recommends.


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