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New Tesla fan developing “CyberRoadster” utilizing Model 3 Performance parts

Tesla fanatic and engineer, Rob Igo is developing a brand-new type of vehicle. With the aid of a Model 3 Performance, Igo is building a “CyberRoadster” unlike anything else on the roadway.

Although Igo is an electrical engineer by trade, he has constantly wanted cars. He started playing with tasks like transforming gasoline-powered cars to electrical powertrains a number of years back. Now, he is taking his enthusiasm for electrical lorries to a greater level.

” The CyberRoadster is something I’ve been dealing with for a while now,” Igo stated. “I wished to produce something that was special and pressed the borders of what’s possible with an electrical vehicle.”

The CyberRoadster is a greatly customized Model 3 Performance. Igo has actually taken the powertrain, battery, and suspension elements from the Model 3 and incorporated them into a custom-made chassis. He then changed the vehicle’s body with a brand-new fiberglass shell developed to stimulate the appearance of a timeless roadster.

” I wished to produce something that resembled a modern-day racer,” Igo stated. “I wished to integrate the efficiency of a Tesla with the traditional appearance of a roadster.”

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The modifications Igo has actually made to the vehicle have actually allowed it to reach speeds of as much as 150 miles per hour. Igo has actually likewise customized the powertrain to provide more torque and enhanced velocity.

” The vehicle is exceptionally quick and remarkably nimble,” Igo stated. “I’m really happy with what I’ve had the ability to attain with this task.”

Igo prepares to continue to fine-tune the CyberRoadster as he works to additional enhance its efficiency. He intends to ultimately enter it into racing competitors and reveal the world what an electrical automobile can.

” My objective with this task is to reveal that electrical lorries can be a lot more than simply commuter cars,” Igo stated. “I wish to press the borders of what’s possible and reveal that electrical cars can be efficient in unbelievable efficiency.”


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