New Test: Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line– modified, however another might be beneficial

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The Honda CR-V, although loved worldwide, is underpowered in Poland. It has actually just recently gone through a facelift, which even more enhanced it with the Sport Line variation. I had the chance to see if such a modification would press the hybrid SUV up in the sales rankings.

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022) ( picture by Filip Buliński)

When you think about a hybrid SUV, it nearly instantly enters your mind Toyota RAV4. And it is not needed to discuss his Japanese origin here. I personally am not amazed at all. European producers have actually currently finished their portfolio with electrical combustion engines, they are using in big amounts plugging hybrids And they still need to await their 5 minutes. As long as they get it.

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But there is another SUV, the Honda CR-V, which has a Japanese label, which, particularly in the United States, exists. excitedly picked by clients In 2021 in Poland, Honda was offered under 1.5 thousand pieces of their cars to native individuals Not the CR-V itself. All examples. On the other hand, in one target group, Toyota can boast an outcome of more than 3,000 parts of the RAV4 itself

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

So, 3 years after its launching, it’s time for Honda to revitalize its biggest SUV (in Europe) with provide him strong appreciation

Are you sure?

Looking at the scope of the modifications the Japanese made, one questions if The facelift did not puzzle them with small modifications connected with the intro of a brand-new design year Wide variety of colors, more lip and tinted styles windows it is now consisted of in the fundamental devices it’s rather a typical set. Even if we include the very best products utilized to end up the interior. When it concerns help systems, Honda is not filled with anything, however the Traffic Signal Assistance is totally not able to handle its job.

The most significant Japanese “insanity” can be thought about including a variation with the Sport Line variation Which’s how he pertained to see me for the examination. Do not anticipate racing heart beats and exhilarating efficiencies here. In case of a facelift, Honda has actually enhanced suspension in regards to convenience. And I should confess that you can feel it The qualities of the suspension enable a carefree trip on more disproportion, and at the exact same time the sound insulation has actually been enhanced and the sound produced by the operation of the chassis has actually been minimized.

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Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

I would explain the Sport Line variation itself as a plan that handles customization of the outside and interior with black paint. This is advised by the armchairs, which are fitted with leather upholstery, happily show the “BLACK EDITION” text on the back of the nare In their environments there were likewise plastics covered with piano black, however I should confess that compared to other designs, therefore. The interior was well dealt with

In addition to the consistent existence of black piano, the center makes an excellent impression. Honda it has actually come by the years really high quality surface In contrast to other European producers who appear to pay less and less attention to the completing products. In the CR-V, the majority of the surface areas are smooth and enjoyable to the touch, and the pseudo-wood slats, as you can think, have a dark finishing. And I’m not simply speaking about the environment of the driver and guests, however likewise the 2nd row.

In regards to ergonomics, virtually absolutely nothing has actually altered, which has its benefits and downsides. Provider double zone ac system if the equipment selector in the type of buttons stay in location and permit operation without averting from the roadway Clear and rational. There are likewise lots of compartments, racks and pockets available at all times– the one concealed under the armrest should have an unique reference. Its size permits keep a big water bottle and what’s more, it can be set up as required.

However, I anticipated the Japanese to pay more attention to multimedia. Apparently they run much better now, though I didn’t see any enhancement In turn, the image structure, as it was currently seen “the other day”, as now strike in its old made design It’s a pity, since the smaller sized and more current HR-V currently has a brand-new and much better running system.

I have comparable bookings about the digital clocks that can be seen on the design 15-20 years ago Not to discuss the non-intuitive operation of the onboard computer system. Thinking about other elements of Honda, it is tough not to talk about it in superlatives. Position at the start, currently particularly in the 2nd row, there will be a lot

Even extremely high individuals will not grumble about the absence– when I was sitting behind me (I am 186 cm), I was still 7-8 cm far from the front back-rest. It is likewise an excellent option open large the door Adequate area is disrupted, sadly, by a chair without a profile– the flooring is high, so the thighs do not have excellent assistance.

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

You can likewise state that the trunk must be larger– 497 liters in this section does not make an unique impression, nevertheless, let us bear in mind that we are dealing here with a hybrid. Engineers should have complete electrical devices someplace. Suffice it to discuss that the internal combustion of the CR-V can be happy 571 liter trunk The only issue is that there is just one hybrid left in the sale.

But it is great

The Honda hybrid deals with a somewhat various concept than in the RAV4. The lift did not alter anything from the technical side of the cars and truck, however there was the letter e: HEV– character for all. hybrid Honda. The timing of the lightning depends 2-liter gasoline engine with a capability of 145 HP which provides power to the electrical part of the drive the majority of the time when it is used.

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

It simply drives the wheels directly at high speed. The complete power of the system is here 184 hp and enables you to accelerate as much as numerous turns less than 9 seconds This is a reputable outcome and although the CR-V is not the very best professional athlete, it is identified by adequate versatility, even at high speeds.

The most crucial element in his case, nevertheless, is dressing fat Here a lot depends upon our driving design. Moving strongly in the city, fuel intake can rise to 9 l/ 100 km, however with the proper usage of the cars and truck, 6.5 l/ 100 km easy to reach. On the regional path, we do not have to stress about our wallet ( 5.8 l/ 100 km) Reasons for issue just appear highway which prospective CR-V users will not prevent anyhow. Here my experiment ended with outcomes approximately 10.3 l/ 100 km

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

The system itself works effectively, it integrates an electrical and a combined cars and truck, a chest The e-CVT reveals no doubt in reacting to our commands provided with the best foot. The Honda CR-V is more detailed to a comfy and large bed than a professional athlete, however the compact steering system enables a great sensation of about 1.7 m high and 1,800 kg bodywork.

Prices of Honda CR-V in Sport Line variation start from 169.3 thousand zlotys and 4WD needed 8.5 thousand PLN extra charge In this variation, the Japanese SUV has nearly whatever your heart desires, other than title display screen, inductive battery charger or solar roofing. These alternatives are just offered in the greater variation of Executive.

Honda CR-V e: HEV Sport Line (2022)

However, if you can leave the black “sports” devices, you can decrease the lower “action” to the Elegance variation, which costs more. 170 you. zlotys for the AWD variation. This is an excellent proposal, considering what we get in return, and likewise checking out the prism of the very same cost (and without a lot more promo) of the Toyota RAV4.

Filip Buliński

Honda CR-V has lots of benefits to get numerous fans. This can be seen in other markets, however in ours it can not break through Toyota’s guideline. At the very same time, its arguments for the most part are not persuading– with a conservative method to ergonomics, great completing products, enjoyable area and a great cost, it is an extremely odd SUV. It’s a pity the Japanese didn’t take the facelift more seriously. Honda’s position will be much better.

Overall score 7 from 10


  • Rich products
  • Spacious interior
  • Good completing products
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Good task hybrid vehicle


  • Lifting almost did not alter anything
  • Outdated and sluggish multimedia
  • Improper control of the clock screen
  • Lack of great thigh assistance in the rear seats

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