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New Test: Seat Leon Sportstourer 1.5 TSI

On paper– proper and play in management. — it is not really amazing and bothersome to utilize. Seat Leon Sportstourer, or simply a station wagon, will fulfill the expectations of the household, however do not anticipate an excellent Spanish environment in it.

Seat Leon Sportstourer 1.5 TSI– test, evaluations

As Mariusz Zmysłowski just recently mentioned in a Hyundai i30 Wagon test, in some cases it’s much better to concentrate on useful options and not jeopardize on design. All of us understand– and it makes no sense to repeat– that SUVs control the marketplace, and all station wagons and minivans have actually suffered. The Leon station wagon (called a sportstourer by dealerships) will operate as a household automobile practically too, and maybe finest.

Seat Leon Sportstourer– trunk Photo source: © picture by Mateusz Lubczański

Just take a look at the stem. We have 617 l of area here, which was produced by extending the body of the hatchback by practically 30 cm. There are levers for folding the rear parts, little storage compartments, and even an extra wheel (increasingly more unusual), which is kept within. a well soundproofed area under the piece that functions as a flooring. For an extra charge, we will get a 230 V output.

My very first conference with the brand-new Leon– a hatchback– was frustrating in 2 aspects– assembly quality and multimedia dealing with. Among the very first copies in Poland was heard without grace, even when unlocking. Obviously, the assembly line employees have actually currently determined what and how, since the system launched a couple of months later on no longer has such problems. The devices is pleasing to the eye, I particularly like the side panels of the product, and the “wood” in the cabin is not offending. You can plainly see where Seat is in the Volkswagen Group– whatever appears to be more affordable than Octavia or Golf.

Things that frustrate about the brand-new Seat Leon. AutocultVLOG # 8

However, multimedia has actually not altered. The Germans have actually prepared the world phase for their compacts, in which the genuine buttons are eg the danger lights, the handbrake or the activation of the automated holding system. Whatever else is concealed in the os that is even worse, thinking about all 3 cars in the Volkswagen group.

Seat Leon - interior

Seat Leon– interior Photo source: © image by Mateusz Lubczański

The primary menu is based upon diamond-shaped panels, so electrical energy integrates moving left or ideal and moving the component … up. You can’t switch on the seat heating up until the rearview cam is off, and you’ll still attempt to concentrate on the little seat icons. Disabling the start/stop system or altering the drive mode is another method to click through the menus and sub-menus. If you have a preferred part of the roadway that you drove in the “video games” then well– you will need to prepare beforehand.

All this multimedia provides the impression of not being really improperly developed, however made so that simply to irritate the driver. It likewise occurs that you push the screen with your hand and increase the volume, simply shaking in the settings, due to the fact that there is a touch panel at the base of the display screen (the just knobs are on the guiding wheel). It is much better to set whatever at last and forget that any other settings exist. The exact same– although a little much better– remains in Škoda and Volkswagen designs. The Leon, nevertheless, uses a requirement 12 V output, unlike the Czech cars and truck. Relationship USB-C is currently common.

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The Spanish mode included in the advertisement, which is totally recorded, is an act on this cars and truck. Specifically due to the fact that the most effective engine (with hybrid system filled from the socket) has a capability of 1.4 l, and the most effective “timeless” engine produces 150 HP. If you do not desire your vehicle to have a single starter module and an option that supports the system in speeding up, you should pick a manual transmission.

Kiti Leon - multimedia after one day of use

Kiti Leon– multimedia after one day of usage Photo source: © image by Mateusz Lubczański

It truly would not be a bad option as it is remarkably precise with a brief stick stroke. While driving the smooth hybrid system, I composed that it is worthy of appreciation for its versatility. The exact same holds true with a “routine” engine without electrical boosters. I have actually heard the viewpoint that there is a distinction undetectable to the typical driver. The technical information is likewise fascinating, where– according to the producer– a timeless manual engine, rather of a smooth and direct hybrid, is much better (in regards to fuel intake, co2 emissions).

However, it is tough to discuss particular, remarkable outcomes of combustion. In the city, I handled to “pull” about 8.3 liters, while on the highway, Leon was pleased with 7.3 liters of unleaded fuel per 100 kilometers. You can even decrease to 5.5 liters on back road. The Leon speeds up to a hundred in 8.8 seconds in the brochure, there is no scarcity of characteristics. The engine gets “steam” currently around 1500 rpm, preserving 250 Nm as much as 3500 rpm. In regards to efficiency qualities, it is a routine turbocharged gasoline.

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Seat Leon Sportstourer - side view

Seat Leon Sportstourer– profile Photo source: © picture by Mateusz Lubczański

An engine is an engine, however the proper handling and suspension, although still extremely easy, need to be applauded. Leon offers an impression more compact from Octavia, however for a stylish experience you need to go for the Cupra brand name.

Prices for cars with liter engines begin– reasonably– from the level of PLN 78,800, however for about PLN 4,000 More PLN, you delve into a vehicle with a 130 hp, 4-cylinder engine. In regards to the station wagon, we just have big systems, so a minimum of PLN 86,600 for the fundamental variation of the Style. Even copies with much better devices will be really near to the quantity of PLN 100,000 zlotys. Unless you choose hybrids that cost a number of thousand zlotys more. Taking a look at the Octavia catalog, it ends up being a fully equipped Sinema variation (this is the wealthiest variation for the Czechs) with a 1.5-liter engine and a manual transmission that is likewise worth 100,000 zlotys. The Hyundai i30 currently somewhat surpasses this figure, however it has a more effective engine and is used as a hybrid.

My viewpoint about the Seat Leon Sporttourer

An automobile with a great deal of area, excellent handling and an eye-pleasing style would make good sense if the display rooms were not for its twins– Octavia and Golf. Leon on paper is not a bad option, however he does not have something to break versus his rivals. Unless we think about multimedia, however this is most likely not what the developers planned.

Mateusz Lubczak Mateusz Lubczak
Our score Test: Seat Leon Sportstourer 1.5 TSI– (uncomfortable) accident in between theory and practice:

7/ 10


  • Nice stem
  • Suspension in excellent order
  • A brief, enjoyable stroke from the equipment stick

  • Multimedia like Cyberpunk– made at the knee, to be linked and enhanced
  • Other devices are perfect for Škoda or Volkswagen designs
  • He does not have something to compare his siblings

Seat Leon Sportstourer 1.5 TSI 150 hp
Engine capability 1498 cm ³
Type of oil Gas
Contagion handbook, 6-speed
Maximum power: 150 hp at 5000 rpm
Torque: 250 Nm at 1500-3500 rpm
Cargo compartment capability: 617 l
Catalogue: Measure yourself:
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h: 8.8 seconds
Maximum speed: 217 km/ h
Fuel intake (city): 8.3 l/ 100 km
Fuel intake (approach): 5.5 l/ 100 km
Fuel intake (highway): 7.3 l/ 100 km
Fuel usage (mix): 5.7-6.1 l/ 100 km 6.9 l/ 100 km
Example from: PLN 86 600
Version from: PLN 102,800


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