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New The BMW covered itself in the headlights. There were 2 individuals within. “Unacceptable Courage”

17: 16, 30/08/2022|GS

On Tuesday (August 30) at ul. A commercial automobile with 2 individuals within struck a light. The authorities who stepped in instantly mention inappropriate bravery.

Personally BMW he struck the light in all 16 instructions.

The effect force need to be really high. Drive through the rear guest side door connected to a concrete pillar to a depth of a number of centimeters.


In the instructions of al. Casimir the Great in an old cars and truck 2 boys— the driver and the lady. They were really fortunate due to the fact that they left the light with no injuries. They left the cars and truck alone.

The driver was speeding. At the edge of the roadway, the cars and truck turned 180 degrees and after that struck a pillar standing on the side of the roadway.

The driver with the greatest authority

A boy driving a BMW was penalized by the cops who stepped in on the area the greatest authority possible for triggering a crash and not changing speed to roadway conditions– PLN 1,500

Here we have an example of guts on an undesirable roadway— among the traffic officers discussed the occurrence.

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He was area on hot break and Energia Operator staff members who protected the damaged light.

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