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With this brand-new Maserati MC20 you would be observed in the automobile lot, even if it wasn’t for previous soccer star David Beckham driving it.

Together with Brand brand-new Maserati MC20 would bring in attention at the parking area in Zurich’s Bellevue– even if you didn’t appear like previous soccer star David Beckham (46). A cars with a 630 hp mid-engine and big gullwing doors is attractive– and a lot more so when it’s updated to an unique specimen, as holds true with Beckham.

The worldwide star even prevented utilizing intense colors or external designs. Rather, he revealed his love for his embraced house of America’s Miami and Inter Miami football club. In addition to numerous black colors, pink is used there. Therefore Beckham’s MC20 got a mix of shiny and matte black and a little, however really visible pinch of pink. Perhaps that must likewise make spouse Victoria (47) delighted.


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