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New The conference of Maserati fans was held for the 2nd time in Wadowice

For the 2nd time in Wadowice, there was a conference of Maserati, individuals who have these gorgeous cars from all over.

For the 2nd time in Wadowice, there was a rally of Maserati, individuals who have these stunning cars from all over Poland. At the marketplace, you can see not just these lovely carts, talk, share experiences, and likewise take photos or listen to the noise of the engine.

Friday(May 20) afternoon in Wadowice it was a reward for fans of the Italian cars and truck market. Switch on John Paul II Square The 2nd conference was kept in our town Maserati, individuals from all over Poland who own these stunning cars. It brought in numerous owners and fans of this brand name. The conference was begun when again by the host of Wadowice Michał “Chylo”, a vehicle lover whose readers might currently understand from our pages. In 2020 year, he satisfied his imagine purchasing Maserati Ghibli and he outlined his cart with the well-known vehicle reporter, Zachar Zawadzki.

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They appeared at the conference not just Meseta, however likewise Alfa Romeo— certainly 18 cars. There was a chance to view them, go into or climb up. The cars excited terrific interest, lots of inquired about the criteria or wished to listen to the noise of the engine. Due to the truth that the Maserati brand name is more than 100 years of ages, these cars were more appealing, specifically for the senior.

After the conference, the individuals of the conference went to Lake Mucharskie, where adventures and picture stops were kept in gorgeous natural conditions.

Here’s what the rally in the Wadowice market appeared like:

( Marcin Guzik)


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