New The fourteenth pension will quickly go to KRUS pensioners and special needs pensioners. Who will get the additional pay? Just how much is it?

The execution of the fourteenth pension will start in August. For pensioners and handicapped pensioners guaranteed in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, a fringe benefit will be supplied to the workplace. Payment will begin on 25 August 2022, consisting of pension, pension or extra adult advantages. The following areas will be held for September payment terms. How can I obtain cash? Who is fourteen for?


The fourteenth pension will begin to be paid from the last dates of pension payments, ie beginning August 25 this year As revealed by KRUS, the next parts will be dispersed next month, ie September 10, 15 and 20

— For quarterly pensions, the next fringe benefit will be paid on the October payment dates– offers info on the monetary register.

Additional yearly advantages will be paid to the officer, so elderly people require not look for this. Those who will get them on August 24, 2022 they are entitled to among the advantages eg farmer’s pension, farmer’s pension, victim’s pension or extra adult advantage. The download quantity can not surpass PLN 4188.44

— When figuring out the quantity of collected pension advantages, the overall quantity of these advantages is considered, the overall prior to reductions, reductions and decreases are made, and prior to the extra part is suspended due to the truth that farming activities are not performed. suspension– offered by KRUS.

  • PLN 1,33844(ie, the minimum old-age pension appropriate from March 1, 2022), if the quantity of old-age and retirement advantages does not surpass PLN 2,900,
  • PLN 1,33844 to lower the distinction in between the quantity of pension and special needs pension. and the quantity of PLN 2,900– if the quantity of retirement and special needs pension advantages surpasses PLN 2,900

The benefit is exempt from individual earnings tax apart from the medical insurance contribution, no extra reductions will be made.

Regardless of the variety of individuals qualified to get a survivor’s pension, one “fourteen” will be moved to the account, computed in percentage to the variety of these individuals. As the Fund suggests, if more than one individual has the right to benefit and one of them gets a social pension or an extra adult advantage, the fourteenth pension under the victim’s pension will be divided according to the number of qualified individuals. for a victim’s pension, other than for an individual entitled to a victim’s pension. social pension/ extra adult advantage.

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An individual omitted from the group of individuals qualified for a victim’s pension is entitled to a different money advantage in relation to the right to a social pension or extra adult advantage.

Despite the right to numerous advantages You get “fourteen” instantly and is paid by the appropriate pension authority.

For an individual to whom KRUS pays a retirement pension or a farming pension in addition to advantages supplied by ZUS, the fourteenth pension. will be paid by the sales register Pensioners to whom KRUS pays a farming pension, and ZUS pays a labor pension, you will get a benefit from ZUS

Source: KRUS

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